Top 7 best places to visit in kanpur

Kanpur, the largest city in the state of Uttar Pradesh in the 10th and the 13th century by the Chandela Dynasty is one of the largest industrial cities in India. We never think of Kanpur for our leisure, but this is the time to recognize the diversity of India, but being an industrial city, people come here mostly for work, in India, for other co-workers. There was also an industrial revolution here. Kanpur is an industrial and cultural city, there are many industrial institutes due to which it is also a city adapted for students, so let us tell you about --- in Kanpur today.

 Kanpur Zoo

 best places to visit in kanpur
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The largest zoo in northern India, also known as Allen Forest Zoo, is located in a 75 to 90 feet area inside the forest, where animals are kept in the open, due to which they feel like a natural environment. It is believed that the species that were found in this forest have been kept here, here you will find many attractive animals. These include many mammals such as lion, cheetah, elephant, leopard, jaguar, black bear, sloth, monkey, deer, zebra and water species of fish species of aviary and aquarium, apart from this you can see the extinct dinosaur sculptures here. Will get

Blue World Theme Park Kanpur

One of the most popular places to visit in Kanpur, Blue World Theme Park is a great place to hang out and enjoy with friends and family, there are many entertainment facilities available such as adventure rides, spectacular shows, photogenic fountains, and water. Pools, toy train rides, laser shows, etc. are part of this 25-acre Blue World theme park, you should visit from May to June to September as the weather is dry and warm this time. There is a good place to avoid the scorching heat, so the summer season must go here, but apart from India, you will also see European themes, Fairyland theme, Chinese theme, theme, Mayan culture, and Egyptian culture.

Kanpur Museum

 best places to visit in kanpur
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To know about the old past of Kanpur or if you are looking for the best place for collecting history and tourism, then you cannot find a better place in Kanpur, this museum was built by the British during the British rule. Gaya, and was named by them the King Edward Memorial Hall, where you will get to glimpse some of the wonderful artworks, Kanpur and the country's past. Here is a group of articles in which books are written by freedom fighters, their guns, clothes and many other personal items will be found. Go to this museum once.

moti lake

Moti Lake is the main lake for the fun of children in Kanpur, this the lake is also used as a reservoir, it is a quiet tourist destination, you can come here for some time away from life's getaway, this The lake is also built during the British colonial period.

Jain Glass Temple

This temple, popularly known as Jainism, was built by Jainism for the reverence of 24 Tirthakaris. This temple is made of intricate glass cut from inside and outside, the object of this temple will surprise you, which is completely made of glass and enamel, it is 4 km away from the main center of Kanpur city and is worth visiting. The most famous of these is the statue of Mahatma Buddha and 23 other pilgrims.

Radha Krishna Temple

 best places to visit in kanpur
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Built-in 1953 by the Singhania family, the owner of the JK Trust, the temple is famous for its unique architecture, the temple is a mixed temple both ancient and modern. This temple is one of the top places to visit in Kanpur. The idol of beautiful Radhakrishna in the center of the temple and a small lake with lush green lawns and green flowers give us an attractive view, so once you see this charming view. Must go for

Jazmau Fort

Jajmau is a town located 8 km from Kanpur on the banks of the Ganges River, it is famous for its leather industry, this fort is located on the Kanpur Lucknow highway, which is considered to be the site of the fort of the legendary King Yayati of Mahabharata. Fascinating places to be seen.

The Conclusion for Kanpur Places
Kanpur, which is also known as Manchester of the East, in Uttar Pradesh, due to the high industry here, people come here only for business. I never want to spend vacation time in Kanpur while visiting Kanpur to know the diversity of India.


Which thing is famous in Kanpur?

The most famous place to visit in Kanpur is

Bithoor is one of the holiest places in India.

Is Kanpur a safe place?

Every city in India has some unsafe city but you Kanpur is considered a safe city. Kanpur theft is robbery but not a criminal incident like murder.

What is famous in Kanpur for shopping?

Kanpur is an excellent city for shopping, here you can shop for leather, perfumes, and jewelry.

Is Kanpur a good city?

Kanpur is the largest city in Uttar Pradesh where you will find transport much cheaper and it is famous for leather.

Why is Kanpur so polluted?

The main cause of air pollution in Kanpur is all industries. Due to its vehicles, road dust, and smoke coming out of the cooking chimney, the pollution is increasing.

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