Top 6 Best Places to visit in Noida

                                    Top 6 Best Places to visit in Noida

Best Places to visit in Noida
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Noida is an industrial city located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is adjacent to the capital of India, Delhi, the places around Delhi are recognized because of Delhi, but Noida independently established its own identity. Noida has evolved over the years. Noida has emerged as the new hub city of India. At present, Noida has developed a lot in industrial as well as in the field of education and entertainment. In Noida, you will have every wish, whether they are for food or tourism, and shopping is fulfilled, in Noida, people come once a week to relieve their fatigue, Noida children, adults and the elderly. Is the best place for The city of Noida has many attractions. Must visit notable places like Okhla Bird Sanctuary, Surajkund Sanctuary, Film City, and Astir Shopping Mall of Noida.

Wonders of the world

Best Places to visit in Noida
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It is one of the best places to visit, it is a suitable place for fun-filled entertainment, people from Delhi come to Noida to relieve their fatigue, there are different food restaurants and restaurants in Noida, water park ride. Where you are delighted with small drops of water, many types of games like car racing, air hockey paintball, etc. are played here. The best time to visit here in the summer season, in which you can ride cold water in the water park and if your health is not good, you can also take a ride without water.


Interesting places to visit around Noida



Best Places to visit in Noida
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The center of religious faith, the ISKCON temple is famous among the devotees of Lord Krishna. This is a mini Mathura near Delhi where you claim to have peace, away from the congestion of the city, you will enjoy the best moment just Krishnapuja, cultural and seminar here. This temple retains all the traditionalism and spirituality of Hinduism, this temple is a pure and clean and tidy. You must visit this temple once.

DLF Mall India

Best Places to visit in Noida
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One of the largest shopping malls in India, this mall is spread over 2 million feet of land, in this mall you will get all the facilities of modernity. In this mall you will find more than 70 food dishes which are prepared in the eatery here, besides you can play games here, enjoy the newly released movie, you can shop and you can get international from here. All of this will increase your entertainment. Apart from this, you can see the magnificent adorned shops and beauty in it. Do visit this mall during your visit to Noida.


Best Places to visit in Noida
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If you are a child or have a child in your house, they will get excited on hearing Kidzania's name as if their dream is going to come true, Kidzania makes young children aware of the scenario of their life, in which they themselves are doctors, Journalists live in the role of pilot, artist, and painter, so that they can go ahead and choose their future decisions which are an ideal business for them. So you must also, make your child visit Kidzania once when I traveled to Kidzania, I felt that every child should be brought here so that they see their future first.

Budha International Circuit

Best Places to visit in Noida
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If you like to watch the show, listen to music, and listen to the car driving racing, then definitely go here, this trek spread over an area of ​​10 km is very famous, it offers a great view in front of you if you are in Noida, then you have a Great place

Okhla Bird Sanctuary

Best Places to visit in Noida
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Okhla Bird Sanctuary is a species of more than 321 birds, located in Division 95 of Noida, it is the most famous species of waterbirds. This sanctuary is the best place to spend a wonderful evening, remembering the natural objects lying in the lap of nature, offers a panoramic view to see different types of winged jive, keep the binoculars with you while visiting this sanctuary.

The conclusion For Best Places to visit in Noida
Noida where people used to come for their business only, but for the last few years, this place has become an important example of educational and entertainment. Do visit Noida once. It is a new hub city in India

Answers to the questions that come to your mind during the visit of Noida

What is famous in Noida?

The following place is famous in Noida

  • Wonders of the world
  • ISKCON Temple
  • DLF Mall India
  • Kidzania
  • Mercury International Circuit
  • Okhla Bird Sanctuary

What is special in Noida?

Noida is a major city in India, which was earlier known for industrialization, but at present, this city is also ahead in education and entertainment whether they are large pools or Grand Venice Mall or IT Parks are special everywhere.

Is Noida a safe city?

If you are thinking of living in Noida then it is wrong because Noida is counted in 10 unsafe cities to live in the country, it would be good if you do not stop here in view of the increasing criminal incidents.

 What is the new name of Noida?

Noida's full name is New Okhla Industrial Development Authority, it is included in the suburb of Delhi and is part of the National Capital Region

Who is the new DM of Noida?

Suhas Lalankere Yetiraj, IAS officer of the 2007 batch of Noida, has been appointed as the new DM of Noida.

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