Top 20 Places to visit in Kashmir

Places to visit in Kashmir

Places to visit in Kashmir  In India, the comparison of heaven to Kashmir is filled with uneven characteristics of nature among the snowy ranges of the Himalayas, Kashmir is divided into three parts Jammu, Ladakh and Kashmir, Kashmir and the place inside India where you can see the infinite beauty of nature. You can enjoy the snow-clad mountains and snowy valleys, trees, trekking, lakes, ratings, etc., which try to thrill you completely, a trip to Kashmir called Switzerland of India to fulfill your dream. Maybe a journey, then you are also ready to travel to this beauty-filled Kashmir, today I have brought a list of places to visit in Kashmir  which will be very helpful for you to travel to this paradise of nature, which is the beauty of here And if you are visiting Kashmir for the first time, you will not dare to forget its beauty and purity and supernaturalism.

Kashmir Lakes

There are many charming lakes in the beautiful surroundings of Kashmir, so I will tell you about all the lakes.

Dal Lake

Places to visit in Kashmir

Dal Lake is one of the famous lakes of Kashmir, where the mountains surrounded by three sides offer a breathtaking view in front of us. This lake is the second largest lake of Jammu and Kashmir, its attractive surroundings make it a famous place to visit Kashmir. The water comes from many sources such as other small lakes, which keeps the lake worried even during the summer season, during the winter season there is a layer of ice above this lake, after which tourists go on an adventure and enjoy.

Nagin Lake

Places to visit in Kashmir

Nagin Lake is a part of Dal Lake with a willow tree and a poplar tree at the bottom of the Jabarwan mountain. Although this lake is 6 km away from Dal Lake and is small this lake is calm and the mountains and flying birds around it offer an attractive view. There are trees around this lake, due to which it is also known as Jewel in the Ring. It is known that this bridge is separated by a bridge by the lake.

Gangbal Lake

Places to visit in Kashmir

Situated amidst the Harmukh hills of Ganderbal district of Jammu and Kashmir, this lake is clean and sacred. It is also known as Gangabal lake and this lake is the major lake in high altitude lakes and is considered to be the original source of Ganga and hence The place is also considered as the Haridwar of Kashmir and due to this the Gangbal track is kept in the holy category.


Places to visit in Kashmir

Srinagar is one of the famous places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir and India, if you are fond of boating, trekking, bird watching, water skiing, etc. then you must visit Srinagar. Srinagar is the largest city in Kashmir where you will find beautiful places like the Himalayan mountains, cool lakes, and garden gardens, which will attract you, from gardens to religious places and many markets which are popular for shopping in Srinagar. Some of the places are Mughal Gardens, Pari Mahal, Jamia Masjid, Shankaracharya Temple, Residency Road, and Polo View, etc.

Famous garden

Wherever you are in any corner but the presence garden there is always the best for you to spend a quiet and relaxing moment but the gardens in Kashmir take you to the pure atmosphere, natural beauty, and the magic of the air here in a different world. So you must visit Kashmir here.

Mughal Gardens

Places to visit in Kashmir

One of the famous places to visit in Kashmir, the Mughal garden is a splendid example of Mughal architecture, the Mughal garden also consists of three other gardens, including Chashma Shahi, Nishant Bagh and Shalimar Bagh.
  •  Nishant Bagh, known as the Garden of Bliss, is situated on the banks of Dal Lake and is a part of the Mughal Gardens.
  • Shalimar Park was built in 1616 by Jahangir for his Begum Nur Jahan, the canal of this park is considered as its focal point.
  • In this garden built by the Chashma Shahi Mughal Emperor Sahajahau, you get to see fascinating views of the mountains, which is also situated near Dal Lake.

Pari Castle

Places to visit in Kashmir

This palace, situated on the stairs of Jabarwan mountain, is known as Pari Begum's palace. Pari Begum's proper name was Nadira Begum, Dara Shikoh Begum, son of Sahajahan, Dara Shikoh built this palace in 1650 for her Begum and you will see the beautiful architecture in it.

Kashmir valley

Vally is important for places to visit in Kashmir. In Kashmir, you will see narrow and small snow-covered valleys and if you went to Kashmir and did not discuss the valleys, then your journey is incomplete, then you need to know about these important valleys. is

Dras Valley

Dras Valley, the coldest valley in the world, is second after Oyemacon in Siberia but currently, Siberia moved to second place due to global warming and Dras valley has come first, it is situated at an the Valtitude of 3230 meters above the earth. There is a rapid cold air here which makes it cool.

Baltal Valley

Places to visit in Kashmir

The main camping place for travelers traveling to Amarnath, Baltal Valley is a beautiful valley situated on the banks of the Indus River near Sonmarg in Kashmir, which is famous by the large mountain pass of the Himalayas, this valley is situated at an altitude of 2743 meters above sea level. If you are traveling to Amarnath, then this valley is the right a place for your stay where you can see beautiful views and many people here do trekking and surfing and trekking.


Places to visit in Kashmir

The tail is one of the best places to visit in Kashmir as well as it is an attractive and spectacular a place where you must spend some moments of your life, here you have snow-clad mountains and lush grasslands above it and Also magnificent is the fort built in the 18th century, it shows a magnificent panorama in front of you, there are famous tourist places to see here like Gurudwara Nangali Sahib a religious place and the seven lakes of Girgan Dhok will surprise you. So after seeing all these places, there will be no doubt about your places to visit.


Yushmarg is a place of a tranquil atmosphere where you can spend your comfortable life and have a relaxing moment with the humming of birds among the mountains away from the crowds of the Sahro. This is why it is included among the top places in Kashmir. The lush green fields, the sweet sound of the water flowing around it and the golden fruit flowers will give you the beauty you will not be able to express in your own words and you will see the beautiful Nag Lake 4 km away from here which will give your eyes Will clean it So go to this place now and enjoy

 The Conclusion For Places to visit in Kashmir  If you want to live in a quiet environment and you are a nature lover then you will not get to see many more in India, the beautiful place from Kashmir, the high valleys, high mountains and high peaks here will entice your mind and your every wish After the visit of Kashmir is going to be completed, there will be no question about your life, then I should consider it as second heaven with this icy, lush green meadow and colorful flowers as heaven. Places to visit in Kashmir  Small list is provided. If you want to see a detailed description of any of these places, then select that place in the menu bar that appears nearby.

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 Question & Answer About Places to visit in Kashmir 

What are the famous attractions to see in Jammu and Kashmir?

Places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir are Srinagar, Ladakh, Pahalgam, and Katra, whose full information will be read by reading the post?

What is the best time to visit Jammu Kashmir?

If you want to travel to Kashmir, then the months from April to October can prove to be fantastic for you because at this time you will get to see all the natural beauty that you want.

What Is the 370 section removed in Kashmir?

Yes, Section 370 and Article 35A have been removed by the Government of India in Kashmir, this will lead to a lot of development in Kashmir, and if all opportunities are available, there will be a resort, hotel and luxury hotel which will promote tourism in Jammu and the country. Will push forward the development.

Which are the famous places for honeymoon in Jammu and Kashmir?

If you are preparing for a honeymoon in Kashmir, then Srinagar, Ladakh, Pahalgam are famous places.

What are the famous items for shopping in Kashmir?

There are many famous items to shop in Kashmir, including walnut wood items, papier-mache artifacts, Kashmir pashminas, Kashmiri tea, copperware, spices, etc. which are the main items you can buy.

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