Top 8 Places For Honeymoon in Kashmir

 You are looking for a great place for a honeymoon, then there is no better place for honeymoon in Kashmir  than your quest is over, where the snow-bound Himalayan hills and these valleys provide adventure for adventure. Presents, many beautiful places in Kashmir which are famous for their specific activities like Gulmarg for trekking and fishing in Sonamarg along with the panel housing boat of Devdas on the banks of river Jhelum in Kashmir valley which is a great place for a honeymoon. Experience the beautiful and attractive views of Jammu and Kashmir which attract tourists like a magnet, there is no better place than Kashmir to spend some romantic and delightful moments with your spouse, which is another paradise for tourists. If you do not have any problem in celebrating honeymoon, then this is the list of Honeymoon in Kashmir which will make your honeymoon in Kashmir is even more exciting.

Srinagar is a great place for a honeymoon in Kashmir, Srinagar is also the capital of Kashmir, situated on the banks of river Jhelum, there are many attractive views for a honeymoon, including Dal Lake, Jama Masjid, Sankaracharya Temple, Pari Mahal, Mughal Garden, Nagin Lake, House Boat, Swimming markets to shop and Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary were to visit the birds, thus all these places together provide picturesque views in front of the tourists, apart from the picturesque hills of the Himalayas which creates a calm atmosphere with a cool breeze from here to sunrise. And there are spectacular views of the sunset, which is a wonderful place for new honeymoon couples to remember.

It is in Kashmir and did not travel to Ladakh, yet the journey to Kashmir is still left. Like the sky, the white lake water and the snow-covered surroundings offer a panoramic view of Ladakh, which provides the Buddhist temple and the Zanskar valley. Along with the clear and clean water of Pangong Lake which flickers in the white taro at night, Hemish Math and Nubra Velli offer a spectacular view to see some new culture and Ladakh Lake and Leh Bazaar are great for newly married couples. The place where they can do some shopping and thus Ladakh is a great place for a honeymoon in Kashmir.

One of the best spots honeymoon in Kashmir, Gulmarg is an invisible snow-covered place, it is situated at a very high altitude and is a magnificent hill station also known as a paradise were skiing, trekking, snowboarding, golfing, mountain biking, etc. For those who thrill in travel, one must definitely ride a gondola lift car in Gulmarg. It presents the view of the beautiful valleys of Gulmarg in front of us. Gulmarg in Kashmir is a great place to have a honeymoon in Kashmir, once Gulmarg Be sure to spend a few moments with your life partner in beautiful plains.


Baramula is a heart touching place for nature lovers, Baramulla is surrounded by nature's amazing beauty whose beauty can not be described in words is a great place to visit in December and January for a honeymoon in Kashmir. The lake also spreads its beauty to tourists, apart from this you can see the largest freshwater lake in Asia and go to the hills of Uri for a general picnic. It is also called the gateway to Kashmir as it used to enter Kashmir before the partition of India. Keep in mind that Baramula is called Vermol  in the local language.

Udhampur is a great place to enjoy the scenic beauty Beech Temple and Killo amidst the snowy and lush green hills of the Himalayas and the view of these temples and kilos provide a new attraction for the couple coming for a honeymoon and in history For those who are interested, it is like a paradise, there are also many remnants of Hindu poetry prevalent in Mahabharata, this place is surrounded by trees of Eucalypts, there are ancient temples like Mongri Cave Temple and Sudha Mahadev Temple and Ramnagar. Killa is also, the center of attraction besides there are many other places like Krimchi Temple, ISKCON Udhampur, Agar Jeetu, Babor Temple, Bhimgarh Fort, and Kalika Temple etc. which you can see in Udhampur.

Pahalgam is the most beautiful hill station in Jammu and Kashmir where newly married couples can spend some romantic moments, this two valleys is situated between Aru Valley and Beta Valley, where lovers can make their memories, where the green meadows and mountains of nature It gives you the feeling of being in the lap, Tullen Lake in Pahalgam and Basaran and Shisha is some hot places where you can spend some great moments with your partner, here you can do an adventure like water rafting, horse riding, canoeing and trekking. Thus Pahalgam proves to be a great place for a honeymoon in Kashmir.

Sonamarg is the best place for a honeymoon in Kashmir. There are many lakes in Sonamarg which enhance its beauty even further. Sonamarg has ancient lakes like Krishnasar, Gangabal, Gadar, and Visshansar lake, etc. The snowy mountains in its plains provide breathtaking views. The river Nilgard flows in the Sindh River, which gives an undisclosed sight, you can trek here to the Baltal Valley, you should visit here in winter, at this time all the lakes freeze, due to which they can be tracked. Have and enjoy it.

Bhadarwah is known as Mini Kashmir. For those who want to go for a honeymoon in summer, Bhadarwah is like a paradise for them. It is situated in the foothills of the Himalayas, there are dense forests, rocky areas, and immaculate valleys, and vegetation, Wildlife Sanctuary and Chamchamati Lakes attract you towards it, apart from this, Chinta Valley, Padri, Jai Valley, Sage Meadow, etc. are also important sites here. For the summer honeymoon, one must visit this magnificent place.

The Conclusion For Honeymoon in Kashmir
There is something for every person in Jammu and Kashmir, which makes it even more important tourist destination in India, here you have all the beautiful places of natural beauty, beautiful valleys and attractive lakes etc. which attract a large number of tourists besides Jammu and Kashmir. There are many temples, mosques, and forts which reflect beauty by seeing them.

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Question Answer About Honeymoon in Kashmir

 Is Kashmir good for honeymoon?

Kashmir is a great place for honeymoon. It has everything to see here, whether they are natural beauty or a historical place or beautiful gardens or lush Kashmir is full of all, spend some great moments in the lap of nature with your life partner and Kashmir Always a great place for honeymoon

When should I go for a honeymoon in Kashmir?

Kashmir is cold and snowy, so any time of the year, Kashmir is a good time of year, but travel to Kashmir from March to August, in which you can enjoy both spring and summer seasons and should go from November to February, at this time there is snowfall in Kashmir which is Kashmir. Makes it even more romantic for honeymoon

How many days must travel for a honeymoon in Kashmir?

7 to 8 days is enough for a honeymoon in Kashmir, but you can also stop for more days in which you can visit the main attractive honeymoon places of Kashmir.

How much can a honeymoon cost in Kashmir?

During a trip to Kashmir, the cost including hotel, food, and transportation can be around 100$ (7000 rupees) which is a good price for a honeymoon in Kashmir.

What are the safe and good hotels for a honeymoon in Kashmir?

Comrade Inn, Nedou’s Hotel, RK Sarovar Portico, The Heritage by Heevan, The Vintage Gulmarg All hotels are absolutely safe and luxury where you can book for a honeymoon in Kashmir




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