Top 10 Places to visit in Gulmarg

Places to visit in Gulmarg

Places to visit in Gulmarg is a spectacular tourist destination in Kashmir, which is one of the best places to visit in Kashmir, Gulmarg amidst snow-capped natural surroundings attract tourists throughout the year and most people here get away from their urban life. Coming to spend a relaxing moment and is the best place for a new couple of honeymoon and if you are looking for an adventure like skiing, surfing, and snowboarding then Gulmarg is a good place to be, then you will know the beauty of this place. So, this time definitely spent some moments of his holidays in Gulmarg. It is a good place to visit all year round, so to hide the beauty of Gulmarg in your camera and in your eyes, see the list of places to visit in Gulmarg which helps to make the journey of Gulmarg easier, so read the entire post non-stop.

Baba Reshi Tirtha

 A famous pilgrimage center in Gulmarg amidst natural beauty, without seeing it, your visit to Kashmir would be incomplete. This shrine is the most visited pilgrimage center in Gulmarg dedicated to the Muslim scholar Baba Reshi. This temple is built entirely in Kashmiri architecture, whose windows are forged and carved cedar tree pillars, which are the finest example of architecture here. This temple was constructed in the 15th century by proper means. This Baba Reshi who spent his time meditating and praying in the valleys of Kashmir.

Gondola lift car

Places to visit in Gulmarg

If you are in Gulmarg then you will definitely want to do work like skiing, surfing, and snowboarding. But apart from this, if you want to see natural beauty, snow-capped hills from a height, then you should ride a gondola lift car, this car will make you aware of the entire natural beauty of Gulmarg in a 5 km journey, it is one of Asia It is only a cable car and it is 13,500 feet above sea level which gives you the best view of the valley. It is one of the best places to see in Gulmarg. If you are in Gulmarg then this car is a must-visit.

Golf Course

Golf is one of the internationally renowned sports. If you like to play or watch golf, then Gulmarg is a great place for you to visit, the beauty of nature, the green grasslands among the mountains and the peaks. What else can happen in our life, it is one of the highest green golf courses in the world, at 2600 meters elevation, it was designed by the famous golf course designer Ranjit Nanda and inaugurated in 2011 before it was here by the British Golf was played and he created a British royalty where you can go. This is one of the famous places to visit in Gulmarg for golf lovers.


Places to visit in Gulmarg

Khilnmarg is a spectacular tourist destination situated near Gulmarg, here you get to see a spectacular view of snow-capped mountains and flowers, here you will see the nature of lush green meadows and colorful flowers adorned with this kind of magic on us. Is that we will fall in love with Gulmarg immediately. Its slope is towards Gulen Marg on which tourists enjoy skiing, after feeling the cool winds coming out of the Himalayan peaks, you will find it a good place to roam in Gulmarg itself.

 Imambara Goom

If you are looking for a holy pilgrimage place to hang out with your family, then your search is going to end by coming to Imambara Goom. This place is like a paradise from where you can have a breathtaking view of the Himalayas, a great place for a honeymoon. Where new couples can spend some time and are a good place to spend time in the lap of nature

Alpather lake

Places to visit in Gulmarg

One of the fascinating places to visit around Gulmarg is 13 km from the lower lake Gulmarg. It is situated under the undulating ridges if you are a nature lover and this is a good place to see beautiful scenes and capture cameras. It is an attractive place for tourists and is a good place to do metallography and photography if you have been to Gulmarg, then look at some of the places there and capture in camera.

Nagin Valley

Earlier entry on the Nagin valley was prohibited, but now this has been opened for tourists, if you want to adventure, then this place is like heaven for you, you can trek here and make your camp before you can get to the valley. You will also, be surprised during the journey, but you will see clouds descending on the streets that present the view of heaven to us and this valley is finally busy as it is close to the LOC.

Strawberry field

Places to visit in Gulmarg

Tourists can enjoy fresh strawberries on this land famous for strawberry cultivation. This garden surrounded by strawberries from all sides is the most beautiful a the places to visit in Gulmarg and is the favorite place of Bollywood film that goes off the entire country to film here. Presents a good view Tourists can ride Tudu here, during the summer you can plan to go on a picnic here and you will also get fresh strawberry in summer, so spend a day of your life in the lap of this process.

 Maharani Temple

Places to visit in Gulmarg

You must have seen this temple in Rajesh Khanna - Mumtaz starrer Aap Ka Kasam film but you are of a new generation, so now you know about this temple, this temple was built by the ruler of Dogra dynasty in 1915 for his wife. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, you can see this temple from anywhere, but this temple should not be visited during winter, because it is cold enough at that time, hence it is advisable to visit here in summer. Here you will get to see the budget hotel and good guest Nawaji.

St. Mary's Church

Places to visit in Gulmarg

The place is 100 years old and has a major heritage and structure. The St. Mary's Church, built in Victorian style, is famous for the serene atmosphere and history. Most tourists come here in the summer, but to see the British style and art, the festival of Christmas is here. It is celebrated in a magnificent way, which is made in front of tourists with enthusiasm and British traditional customs, if you want to celebrate Christmas then you can go here

The Conclusion for Places to visit in Gulmarg The natural surroundings and bio-sanctuary in Gulmarg together attract a large number of tourists. I have given you a list of --- to make your trip to Gulmarg exciting and easy. Apart from this, Gulmarg has many places that will make you experience a new life and will experience heaven in Gulmarg once to visit Gulmarg. Must visit better places. 

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Answer & Question About Places to visit in Gulmarg

What is the best time to visit Gulmarg?

It is a full year to visit Gulmarg but November to February is the best season and time to visit Gulmarg.

What is Gulmarg famous for?

If you are interested in an adventure such as trekking, skiing, Gulmarg is famous for it.

What to do in Gulmarg?

If you are in Gulmarg, then you must ride a gondola car, it doesn't even cost much.

Is it safe to go to Gulmarg in 2020?

There is a lot of emphasis on the protection of tourists by the Government of India to promote tourism, but due to the influence of the current Kovid-19, traveling is not safe.

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