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Temple In Goa

Whenever we think of Goa, we always think of Goa's beaches, blue water, or fun parties, because we have heard about Goa from anywhere, then only those moments spent on the beaches. And the memories of parties are refreshed but as much as Goa is a place to enjoy life, Goa is full of culture and civilization and historically, 
Goa has many popular temples that I am going to mention and give full information about them. If you also go to Goa Temple In Goa do not forget to go. These temples give you a different glimpse of Goa so keeps reading and explores some interesting facets of Goa.

Mahadev Temple

Temple In Goa

Mahadev Temple is the famous and most ancient temple of Goa, this temple is surrounded by greenery and attracts the lovers of nature, this temple offers a magnificent figure built by the pillar entrances and basalt stones in the Tambdi Surla. Survived from the invasion, this attack was done by Muslims and Portuguese to eradicate Hinduism here. But this temple still stands in the same way, which is guarded every evening by the King Cobra Snake, which is the center of attraction for tourists, in this temple you will get to see many amazing views, once here Must go

Mahalaxmi Temple

One of the famous temples in Goa is the Mahalakshmi Temple. This temple is dedicated to Maha Laxmi, the goddess of wealth and peace, there are 18 amazing pictures inside it, if you are in Goa then this temple is a good place for you all the temples of Goa. It was attacked by the Portuguese and tried to Christianize but it is in existence again today by a lot of Hindu kings, here you will find a crowd of devotees throughout the year, due to this it is the top attraction to be seen in North Goa. If you go or go to Goa, then you should not forget to visit Mhlashmi Ji.

Maruti Temple

Temple In Goa

If we talk about the famous temples in Goa, then this temple is definitely included in it. The Maruti temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, the king of the apes, Hanuman Ji's faith is on Tuesday, then every Tuesday there is fair like this fair. History is hidden, devotees are attracted to this temple to know it. In this way, this temple attracts a lot of tourists interested in history, so if you want to know the interesting story behind this temple then it must go.

Bramha Temple

Temple In Goa

Bramha Ji is a part of the Trimurti considered to be the best in Hindu, this temple is one of the oldest temples in Goa. There is a high statue of Brahma Ji in this temple center and it is also said that whoever goes here, Bramha Ji blesses him. The statue here is from the 12th century, which attracts a large number of tourists and devotees here. This temple is named after the nearby Karmali village, so one must go to enjoy the underpinnings of the idol of Bramha Ji.

Sri Shantidurga Temple

Temple In Goa

This temple is a symbol of peace and reverence as the name itself suggests, this temple Goa is located in three places, which is found in all three places of Kavalam, Pamem, and Kupem. One of the interesting things about this temple is that there is a God here There is one, but they are worshiped and worshiped by both Hindu and Christian groups. The temple is mainly dedicated to Goddess Shanti, the messenger of both Lord Vishnu and Shiva, whose idol is seated. The earlier idol was broken by Portuguese but then Indian and The idol was built in Portuguese architecture which is currently installed in the temple, thus this temple is one of the famous temples of Goa which provides a good environment to roam.

Shri Nagesh Temple

Temple In Goa

This temple is the only temple that has not been rebuilt otherwise all temples of Goa were demolished and rebuilt by the Portuguese, hence the temple is very strong and is famous for it. This temple was established in 1413 AD, this temple is the most amazing blue-looking image. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is located in Pond, Goa and there are many great miracles that have to be visited in this temple. Can.

Mangeshi Temple

Temple In Goa

This temple is the best place for tourists visiting Goa for their religious interest. It is a magnificent city in the temple-filled city of Goa. It is famous for the lamp pillar, lamps are lit here every evening. The construction of this temple is traditional Hindu architecture. Done in The temple is located in the village of Salket, 20 km from Goa's capital Panaji. This temple also wanted to Christianize the Portuguese. But it was rebuilt by the Hindu king who stands as his being till today.

Shri Bhagwati Temple

Temple In Goa

This temple consists of 5 other temples in which this temple is dedicated to Bhagwati Devi. This temple is nicely carved in a beautiful way, there is a beautiful entrance for tourists with two black elephants. Here in Kartik month, from Dussehra to Deepawali, a lot of devotees are attracted here and there is a large number of crowds, at this time the atmosphere here is good with colorful colors.

The Conclusion for Temple In GoaAll the temples of Goa are magnificent and provide peace of mind. These temples were broken by the Portuguese, but they were rebuilt by the Hindu kings but there are many temples that still exist in the same kind of existence. If you like it, then share it with your friends through any social media so that everyone can get help on the Goa trip.

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Questions Answer About Temple In Goa

Which temple is famous in Goa?

The following temple is famous in Goa

Their full information is given to you above

Which is the largest temple of Goa?

Mangeshi Temple built-in 1560 is a famous temple of Goa which is 15 km away from the capital Panaji.

Which is the oldest temple in Goa?

The oldest temples of Goa are Shantadurga Temple, Mahalaxmi Temple etc.

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