Top 6 Best Waterfalls To Visit In Goa

Whenever we travel to Goa, we think of the huge beaches and night parties, but there are many natural views and historical and cultural forts in Goa, temples, etc. which we are unfamiliar with and go to the center of Goa and relax in the sun There is some unique bizarre beauty that tourists can not only know about beaches and parties, but Goa has many beautiful waterfalls which are lush green and offer beautiful views. 
There is a big hill where these waterfalls come out, there are many sanctuaries around, where there is a need for birds to chirp, which gives a sweet sound to our ears, it brings peace and excitement inside, so today I am in front of you Best Waterfalls To Visit In Goa I have collected and brought information from you so that you can enjoy the amazing nature scene during your trip to Goa.

Tambadi Surla Waterfall

One of the most spectacular waterfalls in Goa, the Tambdi Surla Waterfall is a spectacular waterfall to visit in Goa. This waterfall is situated near Lord Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, here is the center of much cultural heritage and natural attractions. 
It attracts a lot of tourists, there is also a lot to see here, visit the wildlife sanctuary and attract the tourists near Surla waterfall, the historic and mysterious temple of Lord Shiva. After seeing the view around this waterfall filled with greenery, it is impossible for you to forget it.

Heaver waterfall

Famous for the best trekking near Goa, this waterfall is situated in Hivar village, 14 km away from Goa's Wallpay, then one has to travel from Goa to get near this waterfall. This waterfall attracts a lot of tourists and at the end of the holiday there is a lot of crowds here during the holiday. There is also an adventure by the trackers. This waterfall is also covered with natural cover. The best time to take is August - September, due to rain at this time, there is greenery all around, due to which the weather is pleasant.

Dudhsagar Falls

Best Waterfalls To Visit In Goa
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This waterfall is the best waterfall to visit in Goa. This waterfall is the 5th largest waterfall in India. This waterfall is situated on the Goa-Karnataka border which flows through the Mandovi river. This waterfall looks like when it falls from 130 meters elevation. 
As if a stream of milk has flowed, the milk has been shed from a big vessel. And the sound that was generated during the fall of the waterfall thrills the tourists. People come from far and wide to see this milk-like waterfall and due to the wake with milk-like white fang, this waterfall is called milk ocean waterfall. The surrounding greenery provides quite a beautiful view.

Netravalli waterfall

For photography and nature lovers, the Netravalli waterfall is no less than a paradise. This waterfall is spread over 211 sq km, which offers spectacular views in front of tourists. This waterfall is being protected by the sanctuary. The surrounding view is excellent for photography and these beautiful views combine with the sound of a falling waterfall, thus the waterfall is the best waterfall to visit in Goa due to its stunning natural surroundings. Here you can see bird watching and wildlife, so while visiting Goa, definitely visit this waterfall.

Kesarwal Falls

Located 20 km away from Panaji, the capital of Goa, this waterfall is situated on the plateau of Verna, where eagles or eagles were found, on the basis of which the waterfall is named Kesarwal waterfall. There are huge betel nut plantations around this waterfall, this waterfall is surrounded by tropical wood. 
Many elements are found in the water of this waterfall, due to which medicinal properties are found in this waterfall, then this type of beneficial waterfall can prove to be the best waterfall in Goa for the tourists who have not taken bath in it. You can visit the Rajol Fort and the church around this waterfall.

Kuskam Falls

This waterfall is a seasonal waterfall and it is located in Kuskam village of Kenkona district in South Goa. This waterfall is not so famous among tourists. This waterfall flows very fast in the monsoon due to which it is also called monsoon waterfall. 
This waterfall falls from a great height and becomes almost glassy transparent until it comes down. This waterfall Goa is best for adventurers on trackers and waterfalls. is. It has a Kotigo National Park for walking where you can go and roam.

The Conclusion Best Waterfalls To Visit In Goa

You will be delighted by seeing these beautiful waterfalls of Goa and all these waterfalls are situated in the middle of greenery which also provides natural beauty, after seeing them, you will feel that Goa has many places to visit besides the beaches. You have given complete information about Best Waterfalls To Visit In Goa you can roam it.

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Question Answer About Best Waterfalls To Visit In Goa

Which are the famous waterfalls in Goa?

The following waterfalls are famous for trekking in Goa. You have given full information about it

  • Tambadi Surla Waterfall
  • Netravalli waterfall
  • Kuskam Falls
  • Dudhsagar Falls
  • Heaver waterfall

What is the best waterfall in Goa?

Dudhsagar waterfall is the best waterfall in Goa.

 Which is the best waterfall for trekking and adventure in Goa?

 Netravali and Kuskam is a good waterfall for adventure in Goa.

Which is the 5th big waterfall of India which is located in Goa?

 Dudhsagar waterfall is the 5th largest waterfall in India located in Goa.

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