Top 6 Picnic Spot In Goa After Lockdown

 Picnic Spot In Goa

 Picnic Spot In Goa

Goa is the best place to have a picnic; away from your runaway life, Goa is a great place to spend some memorable moments with your family. Here you can enjoy your family, friends and come together which gives you a newness in your work. Away from the crowded life of the city, 
you can enjoy the enjoyment of the seaside and some of the historical and cultural surroundings in the lap of nature and enjoy the sun, in addition to the many forts and churches that introduce a new architecture and you Attracting this is possible in all Goa, so the time from November to February is the best time to enjoy your vacation here, which will bring newness in your life, so today I will tell you about Picnic Spot In Goa you Let's definitely spend a few moments.

Dudhsagar Falls

 Picnic Spot In Goa

 Waterfalls are the best Picnic Spot In Goa. Seeing the white water of Dudhsagar and the surrounding greenery gives a lot of peace to the mind and our mind is refreshed by the body and mind. The name of this waterfall brings out the best of this waterfall. The falling water looks white like milk. The vigorous milk froth can be seen here. 
This waterfall is formed from the waters of the Mandovi river and falls from a considerable height. The falling waterfall offers a panoramic view of the tourists. But apart from this, the greenery around it also offers spectacular views. The view here is worth seeing during the monsoon. Apart from this, tourists are interested in adventure, so they can do trekking, etc. Here, tourists can enjoy photography by climbing the hills here, they can get refreshed by taking a bath in cold water.

Majorda beach

 Picnic Spot In Goa

This the beach is the best picnic spot in Goa to get peace away from your crowded urban life. It is situated in the south of Bogmola in Goa. This beach is a good place to relax and sunbathe your body. Enjoy the sweet sound of the sea waves below the lush green trees and the cool breeze and you will feel refreshed. Apart from this, many bakeries are found here where food and drink items are available. 
Also, there is a historical fact of this place that Lord Rama came here to flaunt Sita Mata, and thus the history of this place is also very much to see. If you are on Majorda beach then you will get to eat great seafood here which is the main feature here, you can spend a good time with your family here.

Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary and Molem National Park

 Picnic Spot In Goa

While going to Goa, everyone just wants to go to the beaches or pubs and they go on wheels and think that their Goa trip has been completed, but Goa has a wildlife sanctuary which is quite spectacular and worth seeing the place. 
Its voice attracts every tourist and this place is like a paradise for wildlife lovers and it will thrill you to recognize the vegetation and diversity on foot. Apart from this, the view around it is also quite captivating, making it the best picnic spot in Goa for tourists. Here trekking and other adventure activities are also done by tourists with great interest.

Spice Bagh

 Picnic Spot In Goa

In Goa, the garden is the picnic Spot In Goa, tourists know by the name of this a garden that there is a spice garden but its medicinal importance is also very important here, there is a rich herbal butia found here, besides you can find the famous fruit of Goan Seafood. All tourists eat happily. After visiting here, you get good guidance and knowledge, this place is completely rich in flora and fauna.

Butterfly Conservatory of Goa

This park of Butterfly Conservatory of Goa is a great picnic spot in Goa, here all the butterfly species found in Goa are modified for this purpose, this park has been created if you are looking for a beautiful place in Goa. This is a good place for you, there are 133 species of butterfly tourists when you walk in the forest, 
you will find colorful and some golden butterflies and the view around you at this time is not less than your dream and This place is perfect for tourists who like photography, after spending a day here, you will get to see only 25 species out of 133. Apart from this, there is also a beach nearby, which is also known as Butterfly Beach, so be sure to see this attractive view.

Cansaulim Monte

This place is less popular as a picnic spot in Goa, but it is a great place to relax and relax in Goa. Cansaulim Monte is a church that is situated on a hill in South Goa. Many programs are organized here, in which music and dance are done, besides those who have done well, they are also honored. All those people enjoy eating and drinking, thus the newness that is felt by all these programs is our weakness And drives us away from fatigue

The Conclusion for  Picnic Spot In Goa

There are many other picnic spot in Goa, but it is thrilling and entertaining to be told here that Goa is considered to be one of the best places to visit in India. If I get it, I have told you about Picnic Spot In Goa

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 People also asked

What are the most beautiful beaches to see in Goa?

 The sea coast in Goa is divided into two parts, the north, and the south.
 Arambol beach in North Goa and Palolem in South Goa is the most beautiful beach

 What are the most beautiful places to visit and visit in Goa?

 Many beautiful places in Goa but Butterfly Beach, Fort Tirkol and Rivona Caves are places to see.

 What clothes to wear in Goa?

 In Goa, you should wear shorts, T-shirts, flip flops, hats, etc. which are suitable for the environment and seasonal conditions.

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