Top 20 Places To Visit in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh

Places To Visit in Himachal Pradesh

There are many places to visit in Himachal Pradesh in the northern part of India. Surrounded by snow and greenery, Himachal is very beautiful and attractive. Himachal means snow, ie the land covered with snow and ice is completely called snow. Himachal is like another paradise for tourists. Surrounded by snow and greenery, Himachal offers an extremely interesting view to Shimla and Manali is preferred by any tourist in India. Shimla and Manali have a lot of tourist places, besides Himachal many places to visit. Let's know about them further.


Places To Visit in Himachal Pradesh

Whenever it comes to roam, it definitely takes Manali's mind in everyone's mind, Manali is a very attractive and beautiful place and popular places to visit Himachal Pradesh, the beauty of Manali cannot be described in words. Manali's 6926 is situated amidst the Dhauladhar ranges at a height of height. 

Manali, surrounded by snow-covered with beautiful forests and surrounded by beautiful flowers and shrubs offer spectacular views of Manali style. Manali has many places to visit every tourist's desire. There are snowy valleys in Manali, scenic rivers, climbing hills for adventure, attractive markets for walking and shopping, small eateries where Delicious food and tea in the cafe can be enjoyed by the chirping of birds while enjoying tea and coffee It can be found only in all Manali, so one must spend some moments of life in Manali surrounded by this serene and natural beauty.

The major attractions in Manali are the Himalayan Mountains, Hidimba Devi Temple, and Solang Valley.
All the facilities are available to Manali by bus, rail, and airplane. Chandigarh The airport is near Manali.


Places To Visit in Himachal Pradesh

Most tourists find Kullu Manali as one place but a little distance from Kullu Manali is a popular place for tourism, between Rohtang Pass between Kullu and Manali, which is quite attractive, Kullu is a very beautiful place for nature lovers and photographers. 

Tourists can enjoy mountain biking or skiing. Himalayan architecture is seen in Kullu, a good example of which is the palace of Maharaja Siddha Singh of Kullu here is a mix of European and Himalayan architecture. Kullu is also a great places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. Electricity Mahadev Temple and Raghunath Temple are the best attractions of Kullu.


Places To Visit in Himachal Pradesh

Shimla has been a known city since the colonial era, Shimla was the summer capital during the British rule and is presently the capital of Himachal Pradesh Shimla is the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. Shimla presents beautiful views throughout the year for tourists. Surrounded by the Himalayan Mountains, 

Shimla is a popular tourist destination at 2200 meters. There are restaurants, Riz shops, cafes and many restaurants in Shimla which provide all the facilities for tourists in Shimla. The weather is good throughout the year to visit Shimla. Summer in the summer. Tourists visit Shimla to escape and tourists come here in large quantities to enjoy snowfall in winter.


Places To Visit in Himachal Pradesh

Dharamshala is also known as the summer capital of Himachal Pradesh. Dharamshala gets to see Tibetan culture. Surrounded by icy mountains Dharamshala is the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. Dharamshala is a good tourist destination situated on a 4000-height mountain. The lower part is divided into the city of Dharamshala and the upper part is considered as McLeod Ganj. 

The Dharamshala situated on the Dhauladhar ranges is also known as the house of the Dalai Lama and the disciples of the Dalai Lama also remain here and Disseminated Tibetan culture. Dharamshala offers beautiful views of nature, peace and prosperity between the snowy mountains after the stadium is built-in Dharamshala, there is a lot of tourists visiting here and due to this the Darshak who visits the matches also roams in Dharamshala, which leads to the development of tourism in Dharamshala.

Spiti Valley

Places To Visit in Himachal Pradesh

Spiti Valley is one of the other coldest places in India. Spiti Valley is situated at an altitude of 12500 feet above sea level. Spiti Valley separates India from Tibet. This place is a great place for adventurers to trek here. 
You can find the right place for climbing by reaching the peak of the Himalayas, near it is the Dhankar Lake, which has a panoramic view to sit here and enjoy the cool breeze sitting at the bottom of the hill. Spiti Valley is an ideal destination for trucking. It is a popular tourist destination that offers a breathtaking view of nature and is a great places to visit in Himachal Pradesh.


Places To Visit in Himachal Pradesh

 Dalhousie is also known as Switzerland of India. Its importance is from the post-colonial period. It was also named by the 19th-century British Governor Lord Dalhousie. Dalhousie is a good places to visit in Himachal Pradesh due to its quiet environment and the mountains dropped from all sides. 

It is an ideal place for a honeymoon away from the congestion of the city. Dalhousie offers a DM pure and shrill-free environment. Dalhousie has its scenic beauty, flowers, and green grassy valleys and fast-flowing rivers and mist-covered mountains attract tourists further. Do not forget to go to this beautiful place.


Places To Visit in Himachal Pradesh

Kangra, known as the Holy Dev Bhoomi, has been mentioned in many Hindu texts. Kangra is situated on the banks of the Beas river under the range of Dhauladhar hills as the district headquarters of Himachal Pradesh. Kangra is quite famous for its tea gardens. 

Dharamshala and Makloidganj also come under Kangra, where tourists get to see the serene environment and beautiful views and stop for some time on the banks of river Vyas and feel comfortable. The famous rock temple in Mahabharata is also located here. Apart from this, the Jwala temple which has a lot of mystery and is in a scientific view must go there.


Places To Visit in Himachal Pradesh

During winter, there is a high demand for tourists to visit Kufri. It is situated at a very high altitude, due to which the snowfall is also very strong here, due to which tourists reach here every time to enjoy it in winter, 10 km from Shimla, Kufri is the best  places to visit in Himachal Pradesh.

Kufri trekking and other There is a good place to go for an adventure, everyone shrugs before going here, but seeing the snow brings excitement in the mind, there are many wonderful places around Kufri including Mufri Chail, Mashobra and Naldehra, etc. Kufri is a great place for a honeymoon, so definitely spend a few days here.


Places To Visit in Himachal Pradesh

One of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh, Kasol is also known as Israel of India because Israelis live in large quantities here, along the banks of the river Parvati, with Kasol trackers and beautiful views of nature. 

It is a good place for tourists, tourists get to see snow-capped mountains, deodar trees and panoramic views here. The people of a village here call themselves Aryan descendants, where a unique culture can be seen here like many passes like Kheerganga, Yanker Pass, Sir Pass, etc. is very famous for trekking, it also has good eateries and cafes for eating and apart from this, one can buy famous souvenirs or souvenirs here from the flea market nearby.


Places To Visit in Himachal Pradesh

Kasauli is quite famous due to its cool complete environment. Kasauli wood is also very famous. It is used in buildings. Kasauli has pines (chir pine), herbs, and cedar trees for good timber. Kasauli in Solan district of Himachal. 

Kasauli was very famous during the British period due to this magnificent wood, due to this, there is an opinitive effect on it even today, although there is nothing special to see in Kasauli, its reach to Delhi is something that tourists can visit here. We can spend time in peace.


places to visit in himachal pradesh

Solan, popularly known as the city of red gold due to the maximum yield of red tomatoes is a beautiful and quiet city situated on the border of Punjab - Himachal and due to the high production of fruits and vegetables, the industrial level here has also increased considerably. There is no special attraction. 

Solan is famous all over the country due to its mushroom production, hence it is also called the mushroom capital of the country. There are some places to visit in Solan which have temples and monasteries. There are many temples and monasteries which attract a large number of devotees. 

Among these, there are the Shalini Mata Temple and the Jatoli Shiva Temple which is also a very good place for tourism and the nearby Yundung Monastery which is also famous for tourism in Solan. One can also visit the 300-year-old fort on the hill to know Solan's past and awe but it is still in ruins and can prove to be an attractive place for history lovers.


places to visit in himachal pradesh
Situated on the banks of river Ravi, Chamba is an ideal place for nature lovers. Chamba, situated in the Himalayas, is one of the best places to visit in Himachal. Chamba has many temples and forts that attract tourists. 

Chamba, situated at an altitude of 996 meters, is surrounded by several ranges of the Himalayas, including the Pir Panjal, Zanskar and Dhauladhar hills, Chamba is the best place to spend some quiet moments away from urban life, besides it is also a good place for trekking. 

But the best month to visit is August. At this time there is monsoon time so that tourists can enjoy the beautiful views of the greenery of nature, apart from this a fair is also held here, it is also known as the Minar Fair. is.


places to visit in himachal pradesh
Palampur has been a center of trade and commerce since the British rule, it is very famous for its tea gardens, besides cedar trees are also found here whose wood was used by the British to build palaces and Havelis all over India. Gone. British architecture is also seen here. It is a great places to visit Himachal Pradesh with family. The beautiful and attractive views here excite the tourists, tea gardens and monasteries are good places to see in Palampur.

Solang Valley

places to visit in himachal pradesh
Solang Valley is one of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. When visiting Manali, Solang Valley is an important place for tourism. It is an attractive place 14 km away from Manali, which is crowded with tourists throughout the year. 

Solang Valley is also a good place for many adventure activities, including skydiving, paragliding, horse riding, etc. This place is a great tourist destination for all ages of the family. Enjoy the skiing during the winter snowfall. Most of the tourists come here to relieve their fatigue and to freshen up, it is also a great place to escape from the heat.

McLeod Ganj

places to visit in himachal pradesh
If you also want to see the mixing effect of Tibetan and British culture, then McLeod Ganj is the best place, it is also known as the home of the Dalai Lama, due to this, Tibetans reside here in plenty. 

McLeod Ganj attracts tourists throughout the year due to its beautiful natural scenery and snow-covered hills. It is situated as the second part of Dharamshala in Kangra district. There are a few monasteries to see which include Namgyal Math and Tsuglakhang Monastery. McLeod Ganj is a great  places to visit in Himachal Pradesh for beautiful greenery and serene environment.

Tirthan Valley

places to visit in himachal pradesh
The Tirthan valley is located in the river Tirthan, for tourists who love adventure activities and nature, the Tirthan valley is a very beautiful place, sitting here on a mini jeep, you can see the magnificent views of the Tirthan valley from the small roads, just a short distance away from the Himalayas. 

National Park is also present, this part is the largest part of the Himalayas. Trout fishing, trekking can be enjoyed among the snow-covered mountains. March to June is the best time to visit the Tirthan valley.


places to visit in himachal pradesh
Like the religious capital of India, Varanasi, Mandi also has a large number of temples, due to which it is also known as Varanasi of the mountains. It is between Kullu and Dharamshala as the gateway to Kullu and Manali. There is nothing to see here but the serene atmosphere and natural beauty fill the mind of tourists here.


places to visit in himachal pradesh
Chail is a great places to visit in Himachal Pradesh for tourists seeking photography and scenic views. Chail is a place with a calm atmosphere, Chail has the highest cricket stadium, it is situated at a very high height, due to this the hotel and resort are also very high, so the mountains from this height offer spectacular views covered with foggy trees, the surrounding environment is cedar trees. Surrounded by trees, which provide the beauty of attractive greenery.


places to visit in himachal pradesh
Covered by icy mountains, Kinnaur is famous all over the country for its apple production. Himachal Pradesh is a great place to roam to escape the heat. It is also the last city in India as it is situated on the border of India and Tibet. Tourist trekking here And you can also enjoy an adventure like skiing, Lord Shiva has a lingam here, due to this it is also called Dev Bhoomi There are also many monasteries which attract people of Buddhism.


places to visit in himachal pradesh
There is no dearth of beautiful places to visit in Himachal Pradesh, one of them is Parwanoo. Famous for its delicious apples, Parwanoo attracts a lot of tourists with its beautiful views, hills, and gardens, Parwanoo is the most beautiful place to enter Himachal from Haryana. Here can do a lot of activities like hiking, trekking, etc. This place can now Due to industrialization, it is an attractive place.

The Conclusion For places to visit in Himachal Pradesh

We can not describe the beauty of Himachal Pradesh in our own words. This beautiful place attracts the attention of tourists in every way; in India, it is no doubt that Himachal is a great place to visit. In addition to roaming, Himachal offers many wonderful fruits to the country, so Himachal is positioned as the second heaven in India, so I must go to where you spend some beautiful moments of your life.

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