Top 6 Places To Visit In Mapusa

Places To Visit In MapusaMapusa is a city located in North Goa, it is one of the major tourist places of Goa, it has beaches and many places that attract tourists to Mapusa. It is also a major trade center in Goa. It has many attractions to visit here. 

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There are popular places like Chapora Fort, Morjim Beach, Kelkar Art Complex and Rees Magos Church, Maruti Temple and Church of Our Lady of Miracles etc. Apart from this, there are also prominent eating and drinking places for night parties like Casa Bela and Pub. 
Apart from this, every Friday market is also very famous, thus, there is a beautiful places to visit Mapusa in Goa to spend the holidays, so today I will tell you about where you must go and which makes your Mapusa trip thrilling. Will create.

Mapusa Beach

Mapusa beach is a good places to visit in Mapusa, where tourists come away from their crowded life to relax in the cool breeze along the seashore. This beach is one of the crowded beaches in Goa. Enjoy the beauty and sunshine, this beach is a good place to go with the family and also enjoy delicious seafood here. There is also a pub, bar, and casino to enjoy the nightlife here. The arrangement of tourists living here is also well organized.

 Dev Bodgeshwar Temple

 This temple is built over Dev Bodgeshwar. It is said that Dev Bodgeshwar resided under the banyan tree, so his temple is built under the present banyan tree. And they are also known as Bodgeswar or Bodagini by the local people, people here consider them very much. 

It is a good places to visit in Mapusa because here anyone who asks for a vow from the heart will surely fulfill their wish here A fair is held in the month of December - January, which is also known as Jatra Mela, if a large number of devotees reach this fair every year, then whatever tourists want to fulfill any of their wishes, they must go.

Friday market

 This market is a famous market in Mapusa. Here is a saying that sometimes you must have heard that getting all the goods under one roof is right here. Here you will find all the essential things which are used in your daily life. Available at But most people shop for groceries here because it is needed every day, 
apart from this, other items like household items and vegetables, spices, clothes, jewelry, and other metallic materials are available here. On Friday it is called, this is called Friday Bazaar. If tourists want to do some shopping in Goa, then it is a good place and goes from 8 am to 2 pm to shop here. And it is also a good places to visit in Mapusa.

Maruti Temple

The temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, who is also known by other names as Maruti in Hinduism. The present temple is built back to the present place. The earlier temple which was situated on it was demolished by the Portuguese. 
This temple is Nakasidwar which makes this temple unique. Burning lamps in the temple at night would illuminate the entire temple, due to which the temple is visible from far away to the tourists. For the people of Hindu religion, this temple can be one of the best places to visit in Mapusa, tourists should visit Hanuman Ji.

Church of Our Lady of Miracles

This church is a good places to visit near the Mapusa bus stand. This church is an important place for both Hindu and Christian religions. Previously there was a Hindu temple that was broken into a church in 1595 by the Portuguese. 

The church was earlier dedicated to Saint Jerome and was known by him but it caught fire and due to the miracle of extinguishing the fire, it came to be known as the Church of Our Lady of Miracles. It's exterior design is entirely in Portuguese architecture, which looks quite attractive and makes for good places to visit in Mapusa. 

Religious harmony is also maintained here. All religions are happily here during any festival. Reach here and maintain the existence of unity in the diversity of the country, so do not forget to go to this attractive place.

Kalika Temple

 This temple is dedicated to Kali Mata, which is situated on the outskirts of Mapusa. This temple is an idol of Kali, the mother of many years old Tambra Kadamb. In this temple, Mother Kali is worshiped and the idol of Mother Kali installed here in the 8th century. From here it is established here and here you will get to see Govan architectural style, then you must definitely visit Maa Kali here.

The Conclusion for Places To Visit In Mapusa

 Mapusa is a city adhering to Indian culture in Goa, but the city is built in Portuguese architecture which is an important feature here Places To Visit In Mapusa about which will give you experience inside.

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