Top 5 Places To Visit In Margao

Places To Visit In Margao Situated on the banks of the River Sal, Margao is known as Mandgaon and is also known as the commercial capital of Goa. It is also very popular as a cultural center under Goa. There used to be nine monasteries before the Portuguese rule. Due to this, it is also a religious place for Hindus. 

Top 5 Places To Visit In Margao
The first temple here was the Damodar temple near the Siva temple, which was broken down to the Portuguese Church, which is still present and it grew due to the increasing dependence of the villages on the routes here. There are many places to attract tourists, including cafes, bars, nightlife party places and sunbathing beaches which try to get all kinds of pleasure to the tourists in every way Places To Visit In Margao which is worth seeing. is.

Colva Beach

Top 5 Places To Visit In Margao
Kolva Beach, which offers a spectacular view of white sand Tillo with waves of the Arabian Sea, is an excellent place to visit in Mandgaon.This beach is surrounded by coconut-covered trees and white sand, the beach offers spectacular views in 2.5 km. Spread here it is full of food, nightlife party place, and souvenir stalls, etc. Tourists can do a variety of activities in which paragliding, jet-skiing, snorkeling, speed boat rides, and banana boat rides are the major sports activities. Which everyone wants to do at this point, apart from this, the view of the Arabian Sea skyline and the sunset view in the evening is also very picturesque, this beach is also very good for couples to roam the paths.

 Church of the Holy Spirit

Top 5 Places To Visit In Margao
This church is the oldest church in Margao which is very important for both Hindu and Christian religions as it was the first Hindu temple which was built after its demolition but this church was also set on fire a few days later. Gone. After this, in 1589 this church was built and consecrated in 1595. It looks quite beautiful when viewed from outside, this church has many altars of which one altar is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, thus it is one of the best places to visit in Margao which attracts a large number of tourists. is.

Our Lady of Grace Church

Top 5 Places To Visit In Margao
Famous as a military church, this church is a good a places to visit in Margao, the main feature of this church is related to the resurrected Isha Christ, which shows their ancient cross, this church is a very important and popular place for Christians living under Goa. Also, this church was founded in 1630.

Benaulim Beach

If you are looking for a beach in Goa away from the quiet and crowded, Benaulim beach is a good place. This beach is 2 km away from the other beach of Goa, Colva beach which is famous for its white sand silos and its calm atmosphere. This beach is less famous than other beaches of Goa, where tourists can do adventure activities like jet skiing, parasailing, boat ride, fishing, and windsurfing, besides it is also a good place for sunbathing and sunset view. The beach is a good places to visit in Margao and can also enjoy the holidays.

Shri Damodar Temple

Top 5 Places To Visit In Margao
Shree Damodar Temple is the best place for Hinduism to visit Margao, above you must have read that if the temple was demolished and converted into a church, then the idol of that temple was installed here. This temple is a major center of faith for the Hindus living in Margao, the Damodar God worshiped here is considered as the form of Shiva, this temple is built-in such beautiful architecture that a large number of tourists come from all over the world.

The Conclusion For Places To Visit In Margao

There are more places to visit in Margao, but here is the information about the place which is famous. Cultural surroundings and history are seen here, due to which tourists are greatly affected. Margao is a center of faith for both Hindu and Christian religions and is also maintained in harmony.

What are the different cities of Mandgaon and Margoa?

No, it is the name of the same city of Goa, which can be called by any name.

Which places are famous for visiting Margao?

The following place is famous for walking in Margao

Which is the nearest beach from Margao railway station?

The nearest bitch from here is Kolwa Beach, which is 7km away from the station.

  • Kolva Beach
  • Damodar Temple 
  • Church of the Holy Spirit

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