Top 5 Places To Visit In Malana


Situated on the banks of the Malana River amidst the beautiful attractions of the Himalayan mountain range, Malana is famous for its separate kingdom, this small village of Himachal has beautiful places to visit in Malana. The impact of modernity is not seen here yet, this village operates on its own separate law. 

All the political systems of this place may be different, whether they are separate councils which are still on the break, but tourists from India and other countries come here to learn all these secrets. 

places to visit in malana

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People here call themselves descendants of Aryans and no tourist is allowed to touch anything. The scenic panoramic views around Malana provide new energy to everyone, you should definitely spend a few moments in this beautiful and attractive place, here you will be told about Top 5 places to visit in Malana where you must visit Malana should go.

Renuka Devi Temple

Renuka Devi Temple is famous for elaborate wooden architecture, it is unique places to visit in Malana. A good place for tourists seeking information in archeology, they can explore the architectural richness and beauty of the wood. 

On the outer walls of this temple, pictures of many animals are seen, here you get to see the lifestyle and cultural leanings of the people of Malana. Renuka Devi Temple is located in lower Malana.

Jamadagni Temple

Built from wood and stone, the Jamadagni temple is a unique display of architectural design and creativity. The Jamadagni temple is situated in the center of the village, tourists cannot touch the rustic paintings made here. This picture attracts everyone with its beauty. 

Be cautious while entering the temple, the snow-capped Himalayan peaks and the lush green landscape surrounding the Jamadagni temple are quite attractive to tourists. Jamadagni Temple is a wonderful place to visit in Malana.


places to visit in malana

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Chanderkheni is known for its beautiful views of the Himalayas, it is an excellent trekking spot with an amazing view of nature, beautiful gardens of flowers and flowing rivers, and chirping birds on the green valleys make this trek even more spectacular. Due to this, it is one of the best and beautiful trekking trails in India. 

It is quite an interesting feeling to enjoy challenging adventure activities in this enchanting natural beauty. Most of the tourists are here for work like trekking and camping and one of the best places to visit in Malana.

Deo Tibba Mountains

places to visit in malana

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Dev Tiba Mountains on the tribal background in Malana is the second-highest mountain in Himachal with an altitude of 6001 meters. The Dev Tibba Mountains are an area covered with lush green grass and snow-friendly for camping and trekking.

 The scenic beauty here attracts everyone towards it, Dev Tibba mountain falls under the category of the Pir Panjal mountain range which is also known as other Indrashan. Tourists can capture beautiful scenes from here on camera. Dev Tibba Mountains are wonderful places to visit in Malana.


places to visit in malana

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Situated as a small village in Himachal, Tosh is a magnificent place surrounded by hills from all sides. Tosh is a magnificent tourist place situated at an altitude of 2400 meters above sea level. There are apple orchards here that people follow their livelihood, the beauty of the Tosh hills,

The traditional culture and the forest full of exotic wildlife make Tosh even more spectacular for tourists. Tosh provides tourists a peaceful atmosphere and clean pure air. Thus Tosh is the best place to visit in Malana.


Malana attracts tourists to its beautiful scenery, traditional culture, and unique lifestyle. Tourists can also enjoy adventure activities like trekking and camping under Malana. Many tourists prefer to spend time in a peaceful place away from the city, for them Malana also offers mesmerizing peace and spectacular views. Thus Malana can prove to be a great tour package for all types of work. Here you told me about the Top 5 places to visit in Malana where you must go during Malana Yatra.


What is Malana famous for?

Inside Malana is top-quality cannabis made only here and also known as Malana Cream.

What is the best month to visit Malana?

Malana is a great tourist destination where tourists like to visit all year round. But the month from April to August is the best for Malana Yatra.

How much is Malana's distance from Kufri?

It is 240 km from Kufri to Malana. It may take 8 hours to cover this distance.

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