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There are many places to visit in Solan which attract tourists by its beauty and rejuvenation of natural scenes, due to the high production of tomatoes, it is also known as "The City of Red Gold". Apart from this, the mushroom is also good because of which it is also known as the Mushroom City of India. 

places to visit in solan

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There are many places to see and visit, including forts, palaces, churches, and monuments. In Solan, tourists find art, culture, and religion are also well received. Apart from its natural beauty, Solan is a great place for nature lovers and honeymooners. Solan is also home to Horticulture Forestry World School. Here places to visit in Solan is about where you must go.

Shoolini Mata mandir

Shoolini Mata Temple Great places to visit in Solan. Tourists with a sense of spiritual and faith must-visit Shulini Mata. It is said that this temple is very old and the Shoolini Mata temple has been built on the old relics of this temple. 

This Solan city is named after the temple of Shoolini Mata. Every day a large number of devotees come to visit Mata, Shoolini Mata is considered by the followers of Hindu religion as the reincarnation of Mother Durga. During the 3-day fair held in the month of June, there is a large crowd of devotees.

Kuthar Fort

This fort is the oldest structure of Solan, it was built 800 years ago by the Gorkha kings. It has waterfalls behind it which provide a panoramic view. In this fort, tourists can see the art, culture of the Gorkha dynasty. This fort is spread over a large area, which is one of the beautiful places to visit in Solan.

Solan brewery

places to visit in solan

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The Solan Brewery, built-in 1855, was one of the finest places to visit in the city of Solan for wine-drinking tourists, but it is currently converted into a distillery which is protected by Mohan Meekin Limited. It was initially run by an Englishman, Edward Dyer. Solan Brewery is a great place to spend some happy moments with friends.


places to visit in solan

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Situated as a small town near Solan, Arki is less known by tourists, but the fort and temple here attract everyone. Built-in the 18th century, the fort boasts striking architecture. Situated amidst the Shivalik hills, Arki offers a wonderful look of art, culture, and heritage to the tourists. Arki Fort, Luturu Mahadev Temple, Jakholi Devi Temple, etc. are popular places to see in Arki. Situated 50 km away from Solan, Arki offers tourists scenic views and a favorable climate, thus it has places to visit near Solan.

 Nalagarh Palace

places to visit in solan

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Nalagarh Palace, situated in the foothills of the Himalayas, provides tourists with a 15th-century remembrance. This fort was built in 1421 in the Mughal style which has been converted into a beautiful luxury resort at present. 

This fort is spread over 10 acres and now has all the modern comforts. This beautiful hotel is surrounded by beautiful gardens and green grass on all sides, this hotel attracts tourists with its natural beauty all around. It is a beautiful place to visit near Solan. One can enjoy living here amidst the hills.


places to visit in solan

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Darlaghat Shimla is a wildlife sanctuary and industrial area on the Bilaspur road. The wildlife sanctuary offers tourists a beautiful and panoramic natural view. Full of cedar trees and a variety of wildlife, this Darlaghat sanctuary is one of the best places to visit in Solan

Darlaghat is quite popular here with the industrial area Ambuja Cement Plant. Wildlife is seen in this wildlife sanctuary like black bear, barking deer, leopard, and sambar, etc. Tourists must visit here to spend some moments in nature.

Majathal Sanctuary

Majathal sanctuary can prove to be the best places to visit in Solan for nature lovers. The sanctuary is spread over an area of ​​55,600 square kilometers and is an excellent tourist destination in Solan. This sanctuary is inhabited by a number of species of animals and plants, including some of the species of major animals such as gourea and goats, in addition to this, 

there are many extinct species including Cheer Fish and Cheer Pheasant in this beautiful view in the tourist camera. Can be imprisoned. This sanctuary is home to many wildlife thus it is one of the top tourist places to visit in Solan.


places to visit in solan

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Barog is a beautiful and charming city situated in Solan district at an altitude of 1560 meters. The influence of British rule is seen here, in Barog, most tourists like trekking and camping. The rail tunnel in Barog attracts tourists a lot, the English painter Barog who committed suicide when the Barog tunnel was not built. The scary fact here is that it is said that Barog's soul wanders around this tunnel at night.

Shopping in solan

places to visit in solan

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Mall Road is a popular Indian style market for shopping in Solan. Here, tourists can buy popular items of Solan and can also eat special Solan food in the nearby restaurant, for many shopping here, you can enjoy shopping by visiting some famous Anand Cineplex Mall, Platinum Mall, Aesthetics, etc.

There are some major markets under the Mall Rod which include Lakkad Bazaar, Upper Bazaar, Lower Bazaar, etc. where tourists can buy art, culture, and traditional items of Solan.

Mohan Shakti National Park

places to visit in solan

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Mohan Shakti National Park is a major picnic spot in Solan. Where you must visit to visit, this garden is between the terraced gardens in the foothills of the Himalayas. This temple reminds tourists of Akshardham Temple in Delhi as it also has temples and statues of Hindu deities, which is the main reason for the attraction of this park. While going here, keep a careful eye. Mohan Shakti National Park is the best places to visit in Solan.


Solan was dominated by the Gorkha dynasty. The art, culture is amazing here, the diversity of the natural, wildlife attracts tourists to Solan, Solan offers an enchanting environment to nature lovers amidst the Himalayas.


What is the best time to travel to Solan?

April, May, and June are good times to escape the heat and after the monsoon, the months of August, September, and October are good to see the beautiful views of nature.

Why Solan is called the Mushroom City of India?

Mushroom is cultivated in Solan and mushroom production is also done in large quantities, hence it is also known as the Mushroom City of India.

What are the places to visit near Solan?

The major places to visit near Solan are Kandaghat, Chail Palace, Habban Valley, and Kali Ka Tibba Temple, etc.

How to get from Delhi to Solan?

Solan is about 300km away from Delhi which can take 6 hours by cab to fix.

How far and how long does Solan take from Chandigarh?

Solan is 66 km from Chandigarh which takes 2 hours to reach by cab or taxi.

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