Top 6 Places To Visit In Naukuchiatal


Nestled in the lush green environment amidst the Kumaon hills of the Himalayan ranges, Naukuchiatal is a quaint place to visit. The mesmerizing views of the hills and lakes here attract a large number of tourists, definitely spend some time in a quiet environment amidst nature. It is known for lakes having nine corners, hence it is called Naukuchiatal. 

places to visit in naukuchiatal
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Tourists can enjoy many exciting activities like kayaking, boating, fishing, and paddling among the dense forests of Naukuchiatal. All artificial lakes are found in Naukuchiatal, which is 1 km in length and 40 meters deep. Naukuchiatal provides a special feel of the rhododendron being squashed. Top 6 Places To Visit In Naukuchiatal offers tourists beautiful weather, amazing attractions of lakes and temples.

Top 6 Places To Visit In Naukuchiatal - Tourist Destination In Naukuchiatal

1.Naukuchiatal Lake

places to visit in naukuchiatal
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The Naukuchiatal Lake, spread across 9 banks in Naukuchiatal City, is one of the best places for nature loving tourists to visit Naukuchiatal. The lush green forests of cedar and rhododendron surround the lake enhances the beauty here, besides the amazing view of colorful butterflies, Himalayan birds and iridescent blue water around the lake is also fascinating. 

In Naukuchiatal Lake, tourists can enjoy exciting activities like boating, fishing, biking, paragliding and parasailing. Many exotic birds and wildlife can be seen around the lake. Naukuchiatal Lake attracts a large number of tourists.

2. Bhimtal Lake

places to visit in naukuchiatal
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Bhimtal Lake is one of the largest lakes in Uttarakhand. Bhimtal Lake, situated at an altitude of 4500 meters above sea level, is the major lake for drinking water and it is a perennial lake from which the people of Kumaon region drink water throughout the year. There are many beautiful forests around the lake in which many flora can be seen. The water of the lake is suitable for agricultural purposes to a large extent, Bhimtal lake is of "C" shape which looks like an island. 

Tourists can spend some relaxing moments in the serene and beautiful environment around the lake which will make them feel refreshed. If fishes are found in the lake, then you can also do fishing, besides tourists can also enjoy boating in the lake. Bhimtal Lake is one of the best places to visit in Naukucthiyal due to its pleasant climate and enchanted scenery.

3. Hanuman Temple

Hanuman Temple is the best place for tourists seeking spiritual places in Naukuchiatal. Located in the backdrop of lush green mountains with oak trees, Hanuman temple is also known by local people as Vaishno Devi temple. There is also a 52 fit tall statue of Lord Hanuman, the monkey god, besides an artificial cave in the temple which goes further to visit Vaishno Devi. 

There is also a rest house for the devotees and the other three temples meditation hall, Ramdarbar and Shani temple are also religious places. Hanuman Temple is one of the spiritual places to visit in Naukuchiatal.

4. Junglegaon

Amidst the amazing beauty of nature, Junglegaon is one of the best places to visit in Naukuchiyal.There are many wild and fruit varieties to be seen here, tourists can do photography and birdwatching. Many exotic birds also come here which increase the beauty of Junglegaon. Many flora and wildlife are found here, Jangalgaon is 8 km away from Naukuchiyal which is an ideal destination for nature lovers who thrill the tourists.

5. Sattal Lake

places to visit in naukuchiatal
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Sattal Lake is a freshwater lake flowing in the Kumaon region which is interconnected with seven other lakes and for this reason, it is known as Sattal. Sattal is one of the best places for nature lovers and photography lovers to visit Sattal Nochukiyatal. This lake is the cleanest lake in Uttarakhand at 1370 meters above sea level. In the British era, there were tea gardens on the banks of Sattal Lake, which was the main occupation of the people here. 

Sattal Lake consists of seven lakes like Panna, Naladimanti Tal, Rama, Sita, Lakshmana, Bharata and Sukkha Tal etc. It also has a butterfly museum which can see a collection of 2500 butterflies and 1100 insects. Sattal Lake is a picturesque scenic spot beautified by the orchards of the Mehargaon Valley.

6. Mukteshwar

places to visit in naukuchiatal
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Mukteshwar, a 350-year-old Shiva temple, is an ancient spiritual tourist destination. The Mukteshwar Dham Temple, the highest place in Mukteshwar, is believed to be fictitiously built by the Tamil Pandya. From here one can see the fascinating views of Trishul, Nandadevi and Kedarnath peaks. One can enjoy many adventurous activities here like rock climbing, trekking, rappelling and paragliding. Mukteshwar is surrounded by cedar and oak trees which make the surroundings green.


Naukuchiatal is a beautiful tourist destination amidst nature and attracts a large number of tourists every year. Apart from this, many exotic birds also come here and the spectacular view here is also good for photography. Tourists can also do many adventure activities here. By visiting Top 6 Places To Visit In Naukuchiatal tourists can enjoy attractive views of the environment and exciting activities.


What is the best time to visit Naukuchiatal?

Naukuchiatal is a good place to visit all year round, but tourists prefer to go from March to July to escape the heat and during the winter, October to February is the best time to enjoy snowfall.

How to reach Naukuchiatal?

One can easily reach Naukuchiatal by bus or taxi from Nainital.

How far is Naukuchiatal from Nainital?

The distance from Nainital to Naukuchiatal is about 30 km which can take 1 to 2 hours to cover.

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