Top 7 Places To Visit In Pauri


Amidst the mountainous beauty of the Himalayas, Pauri, situated at an altitude of 1814 meters above sea level, is a magnificent hill station accentuated by lush green forests, sparkling waterfalls, spiritual sites. There are many attractive places to visit in PauriHere the religious places like Khirsu, Chila, Dudhatoli along with the attractive views of Bandarpun, Swargahorni, and Chowkamba hills attract tourists. 

places to visit in pauri

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Apart from this, the view of the sunset from Kandolia Hills is also fascinating. Pauri is situated in Garhwal as the district headquarters. Here in the evening, the entire environment is painted in orange color which is quite fun to watch. Snowfall is also seen here during winter, at which time tourists can feel an unforgettable experience. By visiting top 7 places to visit in pauri tourists can explore the hidden gems of Pauri. 

Top 7 Places To Visit In Pauri - Things Do In Pauri

1. Kandolia Temple 

places to visit in pauri

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The Kandolia temple is dedicated to the local land deity Kandolia and Lord Shiva. Kandolia Temple is one of the best spiritual places to visit in Pauri. The Kandolia temple is a good place for a picnic, pilgrimage, and photography, the surroundings around the temple are quite beautiful, the forests all around with deodar trees make the natural view of the place quite attractive. 

From Kandolia temple, you can enjoy beautiful views of the snow-covered mountains of the Himalayas, tourists can make photography and some short videos in these scenes. Kandolia Temple, situated in a tranquil environment amidst nature, is full of tourists throughout the year. One can also see the biggest stadium in Asia by going a little distance from here. 

2.Chowkhamba Approach

places to visit in pauri

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The Chaukhamba viewpoint is considered to be the cradle of the holy Ganges River, from here one can have panoramic views of the Gangotri glacier and the Idwal valley. The Chaukhamba approach is surrounded by magnificent forests of rhododendrons and oaks. Tourists can go here for a picnic and pilgrimage and enjoy photography in the beautiful views of nature. Surrounded by diverse flora and fauna, the Chaukhamba approach is one of the best places to visit in Pauri

3. Khirsu 

places to visit in pauri

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Khirsu is a wonderful place covered with dense fields and greenery at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level. Which is a peaceful picnic spot surrounded by dense oak trees. Trekking lovers can prove to be one of the adventurous places for tourists to visit Khirsu Pauri. 

A few comfortable moments in the chirping sound of birds in the calm atmosphere of Khirsu and you will feel very refreshed. Apart from this, you must also visit the Ghadial Devi temple nearby. It is quite nice to visit here in both summer and winter. Khirsu is one of the favorite tourist destinations for nature and photography lovers. 

4.Nagdev Temple 

This temple is dedicated to Nag Devta, a temple situated amidst dense forests surrounded by cedar trees. While going to the temple there is an observatory in the middle where one can go and experience some. To reach here, you have to cross the track, adventure lovers can enjoy trekking here. 

It is an interesting religious place in Pauri. Sita Mata Temple, Advani, Laxman Temple is also a popular Hindu temple near it. Apart from this, the view of Gangotri and Kedarnath peaks can also be seen from here. 

5.Koonakleshwar Mahadev Temple

The Koonakleshwar Mahadev Temple, built in the 8th century by the great scholar Shankaracharya, is an ancient temple on the outskirts of Pauri town dedicated to the Shiva family (Shiva, Parvati, Ganesha, and Karthikeya). 

The Koonakaleshwar Mahadev Temple situated in the Alaknanda Valley of the Himalayan ranges is a sacred temple for Hindus. The natural beauty around the temple is also quite attractive. The Koonakleshwar Mahadev Temple at Shivaratri is one of the top places to visit in Pauri

6. Star pool

Tara Kund is an ideal tourist destination for adventure lovers, tourists like to go trekking here. At the height of 2250 meters above sea level, many freshwater pools are seen in Tara Kund. Many Hindu temples and greenery of nature are seen around it. 

Along with having a picnic in Tarakund, one can enjoy trekking and boating. This small ancient lake looks quite attractive surrounded by lush green and colorful flowers. Tourists must visit one of the best places to visit Tara Kund Pauri

7. Trek in Pauri 

places to visit in pauri

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Pauri is a mountainous region, there are many tracks on which tourists can enjoy trekking. Trekking is one of the major adventure activities to do in Pauri. Binsar track and Tara Kund track are excellent places to trek near Pauri. One can enjoy many recreational and adventurous activities in Pauri. 


Pauri is the best place to visit in Uttarakhand, where tourists can enjoy spiritual, natural, and adventurous activities together. Apart from this, the atmosphere here is top 7 places to visit in pauri also very pleasant, but tourists must spend a few moments in the quiet environment of nature. 


What is the best time to visit Pauri?

Pauri is an ideal place to visit all year round but tourists prefer to go during snowfall in summer and winter. 

How to reach Pauri

After reaching Haridwar from any city of India, one can easily reach Pauri by bus, and cab. 

How far is Pauri from Haridwar?

Pauri is 140 km from Haridwar which can take 4-5 hours to cover. 

Places to visit around Pauri

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