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Situated amidst the lush green hills of the Himalayas, Uttarkashi is a religious heritage site for tourists visiting spiritually. Uttarkashi known as Devbhoomi has many religious places to visit which are considered sacred by the people of Hindu religion to visit Char Dham. The natural environment here also attracts tourists amidst the spiritual surroundings of Uttarkashi. 

places to visit in uttarkashi

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Uttarkashi also encourages tourists to do adventure activities like trekking and camping. Uttarkashi has a number of temples and lakes that give tourists a feel of both natural and religious atmosphere. Varanasi (Kashi) is known as the spiritual city of India and similarly, Uttarkashi is known in northern India because of its religiosity and purity. Here Top 8 places to visit in Uttarkashi which will introduce you to the divine feel and natural covering of Uttarkashi.

 1.Shakti Temple

places to visit in uttarkashi

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Uttarkashi is a religious tourist place which is mentioned in much Hindu mythology, which is known for the trident of Goddess Durga Maa. Goddess Durga threw the trident to kill the demons and where this trident fell At the same place a trident of 6 m long, 90 cm diameter iron and copper mixture was made. The Shakti Temple is one of the major religious places to visit in Uttarkashi.

2.Vishwanath Temple

places to visit in uttarkashi

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Like the Kashi Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi (Kashi), the Vishwanath Temple is also situated in Uttarkashi, the Vishwanath Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The shiva lingam in this temple is 90 cm in width and 40 cm in height and for this reason, hundreds of devotees are attracted to it every year. Occur. 

This temple is situated on the Gangotri and Yamunotri road where pilgrims visit Lord Shiva to complete the Char Dham Yatra. Vishwanath Temple was built by Lord Parshuram which is one of the ancient temples in India. The scenic view around the temple is also mesmerizing and similarly, the Vishwanath Temple is one of the best religious places to visit in Uttarkashi.

 3.Har ki dun

places to visit in uttarkashi

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Uttarkashi is an important tourist destination in nature as well as in nature and adventure. In the midst of lush green snow-clad peaks, when seen from a distance, the beauty of the cradle is visible, the atmosphere around it is quite pleasant where tourists can enjoy trekking and other interesting adventure activities. In ancient times, this path was adopted by the Pandavas to go to heaven, and hence it is also known as the Valley of the Gods. 

Hundreds of monkeys are surprised to see the wonders of the Himalayan peaks like Bandarpoon, Ruinsara, and Swargohni. Har Ki Doon is one of the best places to visit in Uttarkashi to spend some quiet moments amidst nature.

4.Nachiketa Lake

Nachiketa Lake is one of the best places to visit near Uttarkashi to spend some fascinating moments in the amazing beauty of nature. Amidst the unprecedented beauty of the Himalayas, this lake was built by Nachiketa, the son of the legendary saint Udayadal, and the lake was also named after him by Nachiketa. To reach here, one has to go through a 3 km track on which tourists can enjoy trekking. 

The lake will be mesmerized by the bizarre views of the Himalayan peaks. Also, do not forget to enjoy some photos and short videos in this beautiful scene. Nachiketa Lake can prove to be a great place for nature lovers. Visit the Nag Devta Temple near Nachiketa Lake for a visit.

5.Dodital Lake

places to visit in uttarkashi

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The Dodital lake, known as the abode of Lord Ganesha, is locally called "Dhundital". Go to the Ganesh temple on the banks of the lake and take the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Situated at an altitude of 3024 meters above sea level, this lake is a paradise for trekking and nature lovers. The lake has an alpine flora and an attractive track surrounded by snow, where tourists can trek. 

Apart from trekking, camping here is also not a bad option, while camping, you can catch fish by taking permission from the Forest Officer for food. Dodital Lake is one of the best places to visit in Uttarkashi for adventure activities besides picnic and sunset views.

6.Maneri Dam

places to visit in uttarkashi

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The Maneri Dam was planned in 1960 on the Bhagirathi River under the Maneri Bhali Hydropower Project, a journey of 6 km from Uttarkashi. Surrounded by alpine grass, the Maneri Dam converts the water into a large tunnel, besides a concrete gravity dam requiring 90 MW of 1,20,000 horsepower to operate. 

The environment around the Maneri dam is quite attractive and comfortable, spend at least 2 hours here. This dam provides water supply to nearby areas and also works for irrigation. Maneri Dam is one of the best places in Uttarkashi for picnics and excursions.

7.Kuteti Devi Temple

The Kuteti Devi Temple was built in ancient times by the son-in-law of King Kota and his daughter. She is said to have physically appeared by the goddesses by three stones and built this temple. Kuteti Devi is worshiped by the local people. The temple is mainly dedicated to Goddess Durga, who comes to Shradalu from all over the country to see. 

The scenic view of the surroundings of this temple is also mesmerizing, here, tourists get opportunities to do trekking and many other activities. This temple is a great spiritual place for tourists and locals, making the temple the best places to visit in Uttarkashi.


places to visit in uttarkashi

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Harsil is one of the best places for nature-loving tourists to visit Uttarkashi at an altitude of 2620 meters above sea level. Harsil is a great attraction in nature. Its beauty and serene environment attract everyone towards it. 

Harsil is also an excellent place to trek, apart from this, amazing views of the Himalayan peaks are also seen here, which should be captured inside your camera. If you have a sense of spirituality, then also explore the nearby temples. Harsil is one of the most visited places in Uttarkashi.


Uttarkashi, known as Dev Bhoomi, is a sacred tourist destination, it is a stopover during the Char Dham Yatra in Hinduism and there are many religious places which attract tourists. Apart from this, Uttarkashi is also an excellent place for adventurous and natural lovers, by visitingtop 8 Top places to visit in uttarkashi you can make your trip interesting and entertaining.


What is Uttarkashi famous for?

Uttarkashi is famous for its scenic beauty, trekking, camping, and Char Dham Yatra.

What is the best time to visit Uttarkashi?

Uttarkashi is a year-round tourist attraction and the climate is favorable all the time, most of the tourists visit Uttarkashi only during Chardham Yatra. But the month of March to October is a good time to visit Uttarkashi to do many adventure activities.

How to reach Uttarkashi?

Rail route: - Nearest railway station of Uttarkashi is Dehradun. You can take a bus or book a cab from Dehradun to Uttarkashi.

By Air: - Near Uttarkashi is Jolly Grant Airport which is in Dehradun, 181 km away from Uttarkashi, which can take 5 to 6 hours to fix.

By Road: - To reach Uttarkashi from any city of India, you use a private vehicle or Volvo / Coach bus.

What are the main things to shop in Uttarkashi?

Woolen clothes, prayers, and religious souvenirs, and local handicrafts are the main items to shop in Uttarkashi.

How far is it from Gangotri to Uttarkashi?

The distance from Gangotri to Uttarkashi is about 100 km which can take 3 hours to cover.

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