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Spread over an area of ​​2236 sq km at an altitude of 25,643 feet above sea level in the foothills of India's second tallest small Nanda Devi Range, Nanda Devi National Park is a World Heritage Site. This sanctuary is an iconic sanctuary replete with beautiful natural scenery and popular biodiversity. Many indigenous species of flora and fauna reside here. 

Nandadevi National Park

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The flora includes rhododendrons, birch, juniper, cedar, etc. and the fauna includes leopard, wild langur, brown bear, Himalayan musk deer, etc. Many attractive species live in this sanctuary. Nanda Devi National Park was established in 1982 for the conservation of fauna and flora and was included in the category of World Heritage in 1988. Here you are shown the magnificent attractions of Nanda Devi National Park which make nature lovers and wildlife lovers feel like heaven.

Nandadevi National Park - Ultimate Travel Guide

The best month to visit Nanda Devi National Park

Nanda Devi National Park is closed from November to April due to snowfall during winter. Apart from this, it is open for 6 months from May to October. June to September is considered to be a good time to visit here, during this time there is greenery all around which offers breathtaking views to the tourists and the temperature is also very favorable at this time. Apart from this, tourists can see wildlife and flora at the same time.

Wildlife and flora found in Nanda Devi National Park

Nandadevi National Park

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The cool and dry climate of Nanda Devi National Park is rich in flora. Many native exotic species of alpine and juniper green grass including cedar, birch, rhododendron, juniper are found here in the dry environment, besides many rare species can also be seen here. Apart from this, more than 300 species of flowers are also found in the attractive climate here.


Many beautiful and snowy wildlife are found in the cool climate of Nanda Devi National Park. In which Mango Langur, Jungle Bharal, Mango Seer, Wild Brown Bear, Himalayan Musk Deer, Brown Bear, Snow Leopard, Himalayan Black Bear, and Common Leopard are also found. Apart from this, more than 114 species of birds including Rose Fish, Himalayan Tahr, Ruby Throat, Yellow Belled Fentel, Black Tite, Blue Front Redstart, and Common Rose Finch, among many Fiji species are found here. Tourists can see more than 28 butterfly varieties here.

Attractions worth visiting near Nanda Devi National Park

Milan Glacier

Milan Glacier is an ideal place for trekking lovers, at an altitude of 7065 meters above sea level 60 km away from Munsiyari, Milan Glacier is considered to be the most famous glacier in the Kumaon region. If you want to enjoy trekking amidst beautiful natural scenery then you can visit Milan Glacier.

Nandadevi National Park is surrounded by many beautiful peaks including Dunagiri, Maiktoli, Bhawisa Badri, Kalpeshwar, Roopkund Mangron, Mrigathuni, and Rishi Pahar, which are major attractions to see near this sanctuary.

 Things to do in Nandadevi National Park

Tourists can enjoy adventure activities like trekking near Nandadevi National Park.

Valley of Flowers National Park

Nestled between the Himalayan ranges, the Valley of Flowers National Park is a spectacular track where tourists can enjoy adventurous activities such as trekking. Apart from this, the charming beauty of flowers all around here also spells. More than 312 flower varieties can be seen here such as the blue, poppy, Maya, and Brahma lotus. There is a 13 km stretch of track around the Nanda Devi National Park, including the Valley of Flowers National Park track where tourists can enjoy many adventurous activities.

How to reach Nandadevi National Park

Airways: - Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest airport to Dehradun Nandadevi National Park. Nandadevi National Park is 295 km from here, where one can take the help of a taxi or bus to go.

Rail route: - The nearest railway station is Rishikesh near Nandadevi National Park, 276 km from Rishikesh to Nandadevi National Park. For this, tourists can take a bus or taxi.

By Road: - Tourists can reach any city of Joshimath in India by private vehicle or other ways.

Nandadevi National Park Tour Guidelines

  • During the monsoon season from June to September, one should take 1-2 pairs more clothes when visiting Nandadevi National Park.
  • Before traveling to the Nanda Devi National Park, make sure to have food and drink together so that there is no difficulty on the road.
  • Before going to Nandadevi National Park, please check the availability of accommodation.
  • Read the rules for tracking well.
  • Follow the guidelines of the Garhwal Mandal Development Corporation office in the Uttarakhand government and Joshimath.
  •  Nandadevi National Park is located in a hilly area, so do a medical check-up before going here.


Where to stay near Nandadevi National Park?

There are many hotels, guest houses near the Nandadevi National Park, where tourists can easily stay.

What are the best restaurants near Nandadevi National Park?

Panchavati Inn, JMS Restaurant, and Auli 'D' Food Plaza near Nandadevi National Park are the best restaurants to enjoy delicious cuisine.

Distance to Nandadevi National Park from all major cities of India

  • Distance from Mumbai to Nandadevi National Park: - 1927 km
  • Distance from Delhi to Nandadevi National Park: - 502 km
  • Distance from Kolkata to Nandadevi National Park: - 1684 km
  • Distance from Bangalore to Nandadevi National Park: - 2604 km
  • Distance from Chandigarh to Nandadevi National Park: - 476 km
  • Distance from Dehradun to Nandadevi National Park: - 310 km
  • Distance from Jaipur to Nandadevi National Park: - 765 km
  • Distance from Indore to Nandadevi National Park: - 1405 km

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