Top 5 Places To Visit In Lohaghat


Situated on the banks of the Lohawati river amidst the Kumaon ranges, Lohaghat is known for its quaint carved temples and natural attractions. Situated at over 5000 feet above sea level, Lohaghat lacks scenic spots to roam but attracts everyone with its historical and religious aspects. 

places to visit in lohaghat

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Advaita Ashram is popular as Mayawati Ashram in Lohaghat, situated in the quiet and serene land of the Himalayas, it has great religious significance here. Many places around it are mentioned in the mythological texts of India, with the beautiful nature of Lohaghat attracting the eyes with righteousness. Here it is mentioned about Top 5 Places To Visit In Lohaghat  where tourists can get some unique experiences and peace of mind. 

Top 5 Places To Visit In Lohaghat - Tourist Attraction In Lohaghat

1. Pancheshwar

Pancheshwar, situated on the banks of the Saryu and Sharda rivers along the Nepal border, is a great place to spend some quiet time away from urban noise and pollution. Pancheshwar is one of the best places to visit in Lohghat in terms of religiosity. The temple of the holy Lord Shiva is built at the confluence of rivers in Pancheshwar, which attracts tourists from India as well as Nepal. 

Adorned with flowers, fauna, and flora, the forests and mountains offer mesmerizing natural scenery to all. There is also a famous dam in Pancheshwar, which tourists must-see, tourists can go from 10 am to 5 pm to see the dam. Spend some relaxing moments during the weekend in the tranquil environment and beautiful scenery of Pancheshwar, this will provide stress relief and mental peace.

2. Abbott Mount

Abbott Mount, situated at an altitude of 6400 meters above sea level in the middle of five acres of forest, is an attractive hill station from which tourists can see the magnificent views of the Himalayan hills. Abbott Mount is adorned with luxurious European cottages that captivate everyone. The serene environment makes the unique beauty of nature a quaint place for everyone to Abbott Mount. 

Apart from nature lovers, Abbott Mount is also an attractive place for adventure lovers, they can enjoy trekking and birdwatching here. Tourists must make photography and short videos here, Abbott Mount is also a good place for picnics, especially during summer when colorful butterflies are seen. Also, an old cricket pitch of the British reign in Abbott Mount, which you must see. Thus Abbott Mount is one of the great places to visit in Lohaghat.

3. Mayawati Ashram

places to visit in lohaghat

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Mayawati Ashram, also known as Advaita Ashram, is a spiritual site that attracts a large number of religious-minded tourists. Mayawati Ashram is a popular pilgrimage center, situated at a distance of 5 km from Lohaghat, at a height of 1940 meters above sea level. 

Mayawati Ashram also has a library recognized by Swami Vivekananda Ji as well as a museum where pilgrims like to go. Seeing natural beauty here with meditation brings a lot of peace of mind and reduces stress.

4. Bansur Fort

The fort of Banasur, situated at an altitude of 1859 meters above sea level, is dedicated to Vansur, the armed son of King Bali. The fort of Banasur is one of the forts of local importance in Lohaghat. Indian architecture is seen under this fort and tourists can also enjoy the beautiful views of Lohaghat from the top of the fort. 

Local people also know this fort by the name of the fort of Vansur, Lord Krishna was killed by Vansur. The fort of Bansur, which has mythological and historical significance, is one of the best places to visit in Lohaghat.

5. Devidhura

places to visit in lohaghat

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Surrounded by beautiful dense trees and vegetation, Devidhura is famous for trekking and the Barhi temple. Barhi is very popular among the local people and its ancient beauty fascinates everyone. A fair is also held here during the Raksha Bandhan, which is visited by people from across the border from Nepal. This fair is extraordinary because it has a unique practice in which there are 2 groups inside the fair, they pelt on top of each other. Devidhura is one of the major places to visit around Lohaghat.


Lohaghat is a major spiritual place in Uttarakhand associated with historical and mythological significance. Many places around Lohaghat have been mentioned in many old texts of Hinduism. Apart from this, the natural environment here is also very exciting and quiet where one must spend some comfortable moments. Tourists must visit the top 5 places to visit Lohaghat here and get a new experience.


What is Lohaghat famous for?

Lohaghat is famous for its historical and mythological places and peaceful environment.

What is the best month to visit Lohaghat?

Tourists can visit Lohaghat from February to November during which the best time to visit Lohaghat is.

How to reach Lohaghat?

Tanakpur railway station is 60 km away near Lohaghat and Pantnagar Airport 160 km away! Tourists can easily reach Lohaghat with the help of taxis.

Places To Visit Near Lohaghat 

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