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Nathu La Pass, situated at an altitude of 14,200 meters above sea level, attracts everyone from the trade point of view along the Indo-China border on the silk route of the old Silk Route. The Nathu La Pass, which offers breathtaking views of the attractive springs and mountains of the Himalayas, is an excellent place to visit in Sikkim. The Nathu La Pass is important in terms of trade between India and China. Enriched with rare flora, fauna, and fresh mountain air, this pass is included with India's three trading posts Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. If you too are traveling to Nathu La Pass then you have been informed about it here.

The Nathu La Pass was closed in 1959 due to the Tibetan Rebellion but opened in 2006 after efforts by the Government of India and presently this pass attracts a large number of tourists amidst the amazing beauty of nature.

Best time to visit Nathu La Pass

Nathu La Pass Travel Guide
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Nathu La Pass receives heavy snowfall in winter, which is why most of it is closed, hence the time between April and October in summer is considered a good time to visit Nathu La Pass. Because the climate and climate are very favorable at this time, apart from this, if you like to see snowfall, then you can go during November. It is a hilly area and landslides are usually occurring here. Plan a trip to Nathu La Pass to see the amazing views of nature and the breathtaking view of the snowy mountains.

Places to see in Nathu La Pass

There are many attractions to see near Himachadit Nathu La Pass. Which includes a temple dedicated to the brave soldier Harbhajan Singh of the Army Regiment, Harbhajan Singh was martyred at the Nathu La Pass in the Indo-China war and his military colleagues built a temple here in his memory which attracted every tourist to himself. Does. 

There is a hill at a little distance from Baba Harbhajan Singh temple, where you will be awakened by patriotism by reading my great India written on the hill, you will have a feeling of respect and love for the country. Apart from this, Tsomo Lake and Menamecho Lake surrounded by winding roads and snowy mountains are also popular attractions for tourists, near it there are many small tracks where tourists can do adventure activities like trekking and climbing.

Flora and Fauna found in Nathu La Pass

Nature lovers and wildlife lovers can also visit the nearby Nathu La Pass to visit the rich Zuluk Wildlife Sanctuary and Kyongnosla Alpine Sanctuary, rich in rare flora and species of wildlife. Many trees of rhododendron, juniper, primrose shrubs, and many of the medicinal herbs are found in these sanctuaries. Apart from this, many wildlife tourists like a bearded vulture, Tibetan wolf, snow leopard, and Tibetan snowcock can be seen in these sanctuaries. Birds like the Chawla bird and Gold Eagle are also found here.

A place to live near Nathu La Pass

Accommodation is available at least 50 km away from Nathu La Pass which includes many luxury hotels and rooms which you can choose yourself.

Important information for Nathu La Pass

  • If you are traveling during Covid 19, then follow all the official guidelines related to it and keep masks, sanitizers, and other items with you.
  • There are many places near Nathu La Pass where foreign tourists are not allowed to visit and Indian tourists also require a permit so take permission from the Indian soldiers present there.
  • Due to the hilly terrain, there can be respiratory problems, so keep the necessary medicines with you beforehand.
  • There are many landslides and natural disasters near the Nathu La Pass, so stay alert all the time.


Historic Nathu La Pass is one of the best attractions in Sikkim which is very important from the natural and commercial point of view. There are many wildlife sanctuaries, lakes and monuments to visit here, which you must visit. The Nathu La Pass travel guide mentioned here would have liked it.

The distance of Nathu La Pass from big cities of India

  • The distance from Gangtok to Nathu La Pass - 61 KM
  • Distance from Delhi to Nathu La Pass - 1633 Km
  • Distance from Mumbai to Nathu La Pass - 2460 Km
  • Distance from Chennai to Nathu La Pass - 2390 Km
  • Distance from Kolkata to Nathu La Pass - 745 Km
  • Distance from Jaipur to Nathu La Pass - 1650 Km
  • Distance from Indore to Nathu La Pass - 1877 Km
  • Distance from Bangalore to Nathu La Pass - 2706 Km

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