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West Sikkim has a number of breathtaking places to visit in Geyzing at the fascinating beauty of nature and the cultural atmosphere. Geyzing, also known as Gyalshing, at an altitude of 6500 feet above sea level, is found in densely populated Nepalese people in this Geyzing surrounded by lush green alpine trees and icy mountains. 

places to visit in geyzing

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Geyzing has many historical monasteries that make the holiday of tourists unforgettable, apart from the mesmerizing views of the Kanchenjunga range, it thrills everyone. Tourists can try their adventure by trekking on the hill track. Here to the top 5 places to Visit In Geyzing amidst the beauty of nature and visit the local life and rare culture and make your journey entertaining.

Top 5 Places To Visit In Geyzing - Things Do In & Tourist Attraction In Geyzing

1. Yangtey

Situated at an elevation of 1828 meters above sea level amidst the majestic Himalayan ranges, the Yangtze Geyzing is one of the best places to visit. Yangtey has many attractive sights such as Rimbi Falls, Sevaro Rock Garden, and Khechaplari Lake which create an excellent atmosphere for tourists. 

There are also many ancient monasteries in Yangtey where the local culture and architecture of Sikkim is seen and many attractive paintings and sculptures which reflect the royal history of the place. Yangtey is a tranquil destination for walking amidst the lush greenery of the Himalayas, which attracts all nature-loving tourists.

2. Varsey

places to visit in geyzing

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Varsey Rhododendron Sanctuary, which was spread in the shape of a butterfly at 104 km in the beautiful environment of Varsey, was granted sanctuary status in 1996. A large number of rhododendron trees are found here, and in addition oak, primula, pine, and magnolia trees are also found here, whose attractive beauty of flowers is also seen. 

Apart from this, the sanctuary is home to many species of birds such as red panda, fox, black bear, langur, leopard cat, Himalayan yellow-throated marten, monal pheasant, and crimson horned pheasant. For nature lovers, Varsey may prove to be one of the best places to visit in Geyzing. This sanctuary has many small trekking trails on which tourists can trek. The beauty of nature and adventure activities here make the journey even more exciting.

3. Rabdentse ruins

places to visit in geyzing

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The Rabdentse ruins, established by Chogyal II as the second capital of Sikkim in 1814, is an archaeological site that once housed the palace but was torn down during the Nepalese invasion and is now transformed into ruins. From this palace, one can see the breathtaking views of Kanchenjunga and enjoy the sweet sound of birds chirping amidst the amazing beauty of the hills. Tapa Choran is known as the entry point here. For tourists interested in archeology, the Rabdentse ruins may prove to be one of the best places to visit in Geyzing.

4. Pemyangtse Monastery

places to visit in geyzing

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Pemayangatse Monastery, built by Lama Lhatsun Kempowe in the 17th century in western Sikkim, is the second oldest monastery in Sikkim which is about 300 years old. The monastery houses a collection of Buddhist texts, artifacts, and ancient sculptures. 

More than 100 monks reside in the Pemayangatse monastery called Tatasang and these monks receive Buddhist education and propagate Buddhism here. There are also panoramic views of nature from the Pemayangatse monastery which mesmerizes everyone. Pemayangatse Monastery is one of the ideal places to visit in  Geyzing.

5. Khechopalri Lake

places to visit in geyzing

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Situated amidst the dense forest, the Khechopalri lake is considered sacred by Buddhist and Hindu religion, the flag ringing around the lake and ringing bells fascinate everyone. It is believed that every wish sought by sprinkling water of the lake is fulfilled and the shape of the lake looks like the feet of Lord Buddha when viewed from the hills and is considered as the heaven of Guru Padmasambhava. Apart from religious belief, the lake also has several tracks which make it the best places for adventurous lovers to visit in  Geyzing.


Geyzing is a quaint town amidst beautiful mountains that attracts everyone with its natural beauty and cultural atmosphere.  Geyzing is a unique gem in western Sikkim where many adventurous activities can also be carried out. Here are the top 5 places to visit in Geyzing where you can make your journey exciting.


What is the best time to visit  Geyzing?

Geyzing is an attractive destination where tourists can visit during the summer from March to June, during this time the weather is quite good and there is greenery all around and the weather is also very pleasing. Due to the hilly terrain, avoid visiting during monsoon time.

How much is the distance from pelting to  Geyzing?

Geyzing is 10 km from Pelling which may take a half-hour.

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