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Ravangala is a pleasant and picturesque hill station situated in South Sikkim amidst snow and greenery natural beauty at an altitude of 7000 meters above sea level. There are many bizarre places to visit in Ravangla which make the tourist holidays even more attractive. Come to enjoy the fantasy scenes and adventure of Rwangala. Apart from this, one must also visit ancient monasteries in Ravangla along with many tea plantations and old religious communities. 

places to visit in ravangla

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The flora and rare species of wildlife found in the sanctuary in the foothills of the Himalayan ranges near Ravangla are also worth seeing. Adventure enthusiasts can also do trekking and birdwatching here. Similarly, the top 8 places to visit in Ravangla have been told where tourists can make their trip exciting and entertaining.

Top 8 Places To Visit In Ravangla - Tourist Attraction & Things Do In Ravangla

1. Bon monastery

Bon Math is one of the best places to visit in Ravangla. This is the second monastery in India after the monastery of Bon Math Solan, which is one of the most popular monasteries in Sikkim. The Bon Monastery was founded in 1980 by Yung Dung Tsutrim in the Kekejing of Sikkim. 

Situated in a tranquil environment of nature, Bon Monastery is built in the Indo-Tibetan style from where tourists can have an attractive view of the Himalayan hills and valleys nearby. In Bonn Math, Buddhism is taught to students. Tourists can get information about Buddhist culture and architecture in the monastery.

2. Ralang Math

places to visit in ravangla

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The Ralang Monastery, built by the 12th Gyaltsab Rinpoche in 1995, is a religious monastery belonging to the Kagyu community of Buddhist communities, which is quite different from other monasteries in Sikkim. It is an old and sacred monastery associated with the past and has a collection of Buddhist art paintings, artifacts, and thangkas through which tourists can learn many facts related to Buddhism. 

The Pung Lhabsol festival is celebrated every year in the month of August - September in the monastery, at which time a large number of people reach to see it. Also, if you are a lover of adventure, then the Rlang Math is the best place to visit in Rwangala as it is 1 km from the monastery. There is a great track at Duri where you can do trekking.

3.Ralong Hot Springs

Get rid of skin diseases and experience new rejuvenation by taking a dip in sulfur-rich water amidst the calm environment and cool environment of nature. Ralong Hot Springs is covered with hills from all sides which is also known as 'Ralang Cha-Chu' by the locals. The Ralong Hot Springs originating from the natural cave is also of great religious importance, besides its medical importance. 

One can also do trekking and birdwatching near Ralong Hot Springs and visit the nearby Manam Wildlife Sanctuary and Tendung State Biodiversity Park nearby. Ralong Hot Springs is one of the best scenic spots to visit in Ravangla.

4. Temi Tea Estate

places to visit in ravangla

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This garden spread over 177 hectares on the Tandong hill, in which the Temi tea plant planted by the Sikkim government in the year 1969 spans 1200 - 1800 meters on the hill. The quality of the tea produced from the Temi tea plant is praised all over the world and due to this, its demand has also increased in the international market. Apart from this, cherry and blossom plants are also present here and its fern grass makes the beauty of the place fascinating to tourists. 

Tea is produced here in large quantities and is the only tea plantation in Sikkim. Tourists can spend some quiet time amidst nature and can also get to know the culture and tradition well in the village. Tami Tea Estate is one of the best places to visit in Ravangala amidst nature.

5. Maenam Hill

Surrounded by rich lush green trees, the Manam Hill is situated at an altitude of 3140 meters from the seashore, which provides tourists with a panoramic view of the entire city at sunset. Manam Hill separates the two major rivers of Sikkim, Teesta, and Regent, it is surrounded by winding slopes and forests which is a paradise for trackers and they can enjoy trekking here.

 Apart from this, in the dense forest of Manam Hill, many flora and species of rare birds and fauna are found which tourists can see while trekking. Manam Hill is one of the wonderful places to visit in Ravangla where one can enjoy the beautiful scenery amidst nature.

6. Kewjing Village

You must visit Kewjing Village to spend some relaxing and peaceful moments away from the crowded life of the city. The colorful culture and rural life of the Lepcha community with enchanting views of Kanchenjunga are seen in Kewjing Village, situated at an altitude of 1402 meters above sea level. Spend some time in the natural habitats located in Kewjing Village and explore the fauna and flora found here, as well as enjoy the local art - culture, and cuisine.

7. Rayong Sunrise View Point

Tourists can visit Rayong Sunrise View Point to have mesmerizing views of the sunset and sunrise. The Rayong Sunrise viewpoint is situated at an elevation of 6700 meters above sea level and the golden rays of the sun emanating from the snowy peaks are the breathtaking view of the Singalila Range and the Chola Range of Bhutan with peaks such as Mount Narsing, Mount Jopuno, Rathong, Pandim, and Kabur. also includes. Tourists can also enjoy trekking here For which you can go to great tracking tools like Deoli Dara, Tinkitam, and Gholi Bhir. Thus Rayong Sunrise View Point is one of the great places to visit in Ravangla.

8. Buddha Park

places to visit in ravangla

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Buddha Park is a historical and religious site that is one of the attractive places for the Buddhist community to visit in Ravangla. Filled with lush green eco-gardens from all sides, the Buddha Park was opened in 2006 on the 2550th Buddha's Birth and also housed a 130-feet high statue of the Buddha inside which boosted tourism in Ravangla. Apart from this, there is also a lake in the park which is known as Cho Dojo Lake.


Ravangla is an excellent place to spend some time in Sikkim. The natural beauty and cultural inelasticness here make the mind quite relaxed. Apart from this, the jungles and the flora and fauna of the jungle provide newness to Ravangla along with the pleasure of trekking on the magnificent attractive track. Tourists can make their journey exciting by visiting the top 8 places to visit in Ravangla mentioned here.

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