Khecheopalri Lake Travel Guide - Best Time To Visit and Tourist Attraction


Situated at an altitude of 5600 feet above sea level, this sacred Khecheopalri lake is an attractive tourist destination in Sikkim, and to make the journey of tourists easy, Khechopalari Lake Travel Guide has been provided here so that tourists can enjoy walking around this wishful lake. is. A panoramic view of nature is seen all around the lake and attracts a large number of tourists. 

According to mythology, it is believed that Lord Shiva had done austerities here, so the lake is considered very sacred by Hinduism and Buddhist Guru Padmasambhava has also given much recognition to this place, hence the Khecheopalri lake for the followers of Buddhism. It is considered quite sacred. The temperate bamboo trees spread around the lake are amazing, whose leaves are picked up by the birds before falling into the water. Here the Khecheopalri Lake Travel Guide will introduce tourists to all these facts.

Khecheopalri Lake Travel Guide Updated With Amazing Pictures

Khecheopalri Lake Travel Guide - Best Time To Visit and Tourist Attraction
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Best time to visit Khecheopalri Lake

Khecheopalri lake looks attractive throughout the year and thrills the tourists but the best time to visit the lake is considered between March to May in summer and October to February in winter. Summers Lake has a lot of greenery and at this time a festival is organized by the local residents, which is visited by tourists from Bhutan and Nepal to attend. 

Apart from this, a small festival called Chho-Taisho is also celebrated in winter after the cardamom harvest in October. In this way, tourists can visit Khecheopalri lake as they wish, but avoid going due to heavy rains during the monsoon.

Places to visit near Lake Khecheopalri

There are many attractive places to visit near Lake Khecheopalri which free the tourists from its peace and beauty.

Khecheopalri Village

Surrounded by nature's uncanny beauty and tranquility near Lake Khecheopalri and the small population of which welcomes tourists as guests. Tourists can enjoy local food and relaxed tea amidst the beauty of the village. Apart from this, many residents will be found absorbed in learning Buddhist education on the banks of the lake. Tourists spend some enjoyable time here which will give you a lot of peace.

Tashi Choling Math

The Tashi Choling Monastery, a symbol of Buddhism, is one of the oldest monasteries in Sikkim. It is also surrounded by panoramic views of nature and the surrounding peace seems quite soothing. The monastery has Buddhist culture inside which tourists can spend some spiritual time.

Things to do near Lake Khecheopalri

Shop in the local market

Visit the Sitha Bazar near Lake Khechopalari where you can shop from the shops of wood and sweets run by the locals and also buy local clothes and souvenirs and enjoy the local cuisine at the food shops.

Drink coffee between nature

Enjoy a relaxing coffee of peace amidst the enchanted beauty of nature. Enjoy coffee and snacks by visiting the small Latuf Cafe near Khecheopalri Lake. After doing some adventurous activities like trekking, you will feel quite good here.

See the bird sanctuary and feed the fish

There is an attractive bird sanctuary near Lake Khecheopalri where tourists can see avifauna and black coniferous creatures. Apart from this, one can see common teal, grebe, and white-breasted water hen, and many times migratory birds like Himalayan Peregrine, Bar-headed goose, and Golden oriole are also seen here. 

Apart from this, tourists can feed fishes in the lake, these fishes are very beautiful to see, it gives peace to the mind, it is very religious to feed fishes, you must also do this religion. Khecheopalri lake is quite attractive for nature lovers.

Khecheopalri Lake Travel Tips

  • Micro-organisms such as lychees and Ju are found near Khecheopalri lake, so cover the feet carefully.
  • Khecheopalri lake is sacred and serene, so do not put feet in it and you may have to take off shoes before going near.
  • Tourists must follow the rules made by the local government or people near Lake Khecheopalri.
  • Before going to Khecheopalri lake, keep the necessary items with you.

How to reach Khecheopalri Lake

Tourists cannot reach Khecheopalri lake directly from any city of India, for this they have to first come to Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim and from here they can easily go to any place of Sikkim.

Tourists can travel 150 km from Gangtok to Khechpuri village via cab or taxi.

The nearest airport near Khecheopalri Lake is Bagdogra Siliguri and New Jalpaiguri railway station is also nearby, from here tourists can go by cab or bus for gauging or pelting.


The depth and sanctity of Lake Khechopalari bring newness to everyone. Tourists can spend many happy moments here amidst the peace of nature and also do some adventurous activities near the lake. The Khecheopalri Lake Travel Guide described here will give tourists information about Khecheopalri Lake, the unique gem of Sikkim.


Can you bathe in Khecheopalri Lake?

Khecheopalri lake is considered very sacred by Hinduism and Buddhism, so no one can even set foot in it.

What are the places to live near Khecheopalri Lake?

Khecheopalri Sanctuary Home Stay, Sonam Homestay, and Bokhim Village Resort near Lake Khechopalari are good places to stay.

When is the festival celebrated near Lake Khecheopalri?

Festivals are celebrated twice a year near Khecheopalri Lake.

  • The Champa Chompa festival is celebrated in the summer of March-April near Lake Khechopalari. It is a two-day event that draws tourists from outside India.
  • Chhosh Tosho festival is celebrated in October after the cardamom harvest by the local people, this festival is small.

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