Thangu Vally Travel Guide - How To Reach & Best Time To Visit

Thangu, a small village situated at an altitude of 13,500 above sea level surrounded by wooden houses in the cozy heavenly atmosphere of Sikkim, is an attractive place for tourists to visit. The serenity and traditional lifestyle here provide a wonderful experience in the valley, besides the nearby Teesta River and the Lassur River also flows through here and attracts tourists. 

Thangu villages also provide opportunities for many adventure activities with scenic views. Tourists can go to Thangu village and spend some time with the locals and get their culture and other information. Here is the Thangu Valley Travel Guide, which will make you overwhelmed by the amazing beauty of Thangu.

Thangu Vally Travel Guide - Tourist Attraction & Places and Things Do In 

Best time to visit Thangu Valley

The Thangu Valley is considered to be a good place to visit during both the winter and summer seasons. Although the surrounding environment is covered with snow due to the high altitude, tourists can visit the greenery and natural beauty in the summer between March and June. 

Also during the winter, there is a lot of snowfall, which includes tourist skiing and snowfall. Can enjoy Due to being a mountainous area, avoid visiting here during the monsoon, problems like landslides are caused by rain.

Places to visit in Thangu Valley

Thangu Valley is surrounded by many beautiful places where tourists must spend some time.

Gurudongmar Lake

Gurudongmar Lake, located at 1710 feet above sea level, is a major attraction known as Sikkim and one of the highest lakes in the world. Tourists can enjoy yak rides here, besides photography and making short videos amid breathtaking views of nature. The lake is spread over 118 hectares from which the river Teesta also originates, the lake is considered quite sacred in Hindu, Sikh, and Buddhism. The lake has an excellent track on which tourists can do adventure activities such as trekking.

Cho Lhamo Lake

The major attraction in Thangu Valley is Cho Lhamo Lake, the world's 14th and India's highest lake, which is situated more than 18000 meters above sea level, which was rated as India's highest lake in 2011 by the Union Ministry of Forest and Environment. Was. The lake is surrounded by lush green and icy mountains from all sides which provides mesmerizing views for the tourists besides tourists can spend some relaxing moments in the tranquil environment along the lake.

Lachen Math

Situated amidst the picturesque beauty of the Thangu Valley, the Lachen Monastery displays Tibetan culture and architecture. The Lachen monastery was built by Lama Karachan Dorje Druk and his 8 monks together in 1858, where many monks now reside and embrace Buddhist learning culture. Tourists can learn about Buddhist culture and architecture by visiting the monastery.

Things to do in Thangue Valley

Do birdwatching

Kangchenjunga National Park and Green Lake, amidst the amazing natural beauty of Thangu Valley, offers many attractive and beautiful birds including many exotic birds and species of rare birds. Apart from birds, tourists can also see wildlife like Red Panda and Himalayan Beer in Thangue Valley. Tourists can also do photography with birdwatching and can capture pictures of some magnificent birds in the camera.


The Thangu Valley offers tourists opportunities for trekking and other adventurous activities. At times the weather and climate may prove to be challenging and not tracking. During the summer there is greenery all around. Rhododendron trees are laden with flowers, trekking is also a lot of fun at this time.

Thangu Valley Travel Tips

  • Before going to Thangu Valley, keep all the necessary items such as warm clothes, paper bags, phone chargers, or power bank thermal and soap towels.
  • Few facilities are available in Thangue Valley, so be sure to be equipped with your family.
  • The Thangu Valley is located on the Indo-China border, so Indian tourists will need a permit and foreign tourists are not allowed to go.
  • Thangu valley is very high, so breathing problems may occur due to which the tourist should consult a doctor and take medicine.
  • Tourists must carry masks and sanitizers with you when traveling during Covid-19 and must follow the local government's Covid-19 rules.
  • ATM and network facilities are less available in Thangue Valley, so keep the cash with you.

How to reach Thangu Valley?

By Air: - Bagdogra Airport is the nearest to Thangu Valley, after coming here tourists can go to Thangu Valley by cab or taxi.

Rail route: - There is a new Jalpaiguri railway station near Thangu valley, tourists can travel 147 km to reach Thangu valley by taxi.

Roadways: - The road network in the state is greatly expanded and all the cities are well connected. Tourists can easily reach the state via any city bus or taxi.


The beauty and excellence of the Thangu Valley fascinate everyone, the Hari valleys in the summer provide attractive scenic views, while the snow-clad mountains in the winter make the atmosphere pleasant. Apart from this, the traditional life of Thangu village and the monastery displaying Tibetan culture, architecture are also worth visiting. In Thangu Valley Travel Guide, trying to tell fully about Thangu Valley, tourists can still visit the place if there is anything left.


What are the accommodations in Thangu Valley?

Tourists can stay near the Thangu Valley at Himalayan Residency, Apple Orchard Resort, and Hotel Fortuna.

What is the popular food in Thangu Valley?

Momo, Sael Roti, Sha Phaley, and Tibetan Bread are the best foods to eat in Thangu Valley.

When does it rain in the Thangu Valley?

Thangu valley receives rain from May to June.

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