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Sikkim has a number of attractive resorts to offer tourists a honeymoon and a relaxing moment amidst the beautiful natural scenery of Kanchenjunga which will provide you with many memorable and enchanting moments. All these resorts are situated in a tranquil environment amidst nature from where tourists can easily see the glaciers, alpine meadows, and wildlife. 

Tourists can enjoy fresh baths, delicious local cuisine, and customized hotel room entertainment. Apart from this, the beauty of nature mixed with the resort will give peace to your soul. Here you are told about Top 10 fantastic resorts in Sikkim, where you will make your holiday and honeymoon quite exciting.

Top 10 Best Holiday & Honeymoon Resorts In Sikkim To Stay In Sikkim

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1. Elgin Nor-Kheel

Elgin Nor-Kheel Resort is one of the best resorts in Sikkim amidst the beauty of nature and the mountain peaks. This resort is equipped with many comfortable and modern facilities, it is a royal heritage property. It is surrounded by lush green gardens, splendid accommodation, and decorations, amid which you can have a sip of tea in peace.

 The resort has several wifi bedrooms in which tourists can run free internet. Apart from this, the resort has a spa, multi-cuisine restaurant, library, tea lounge, and facilities for children to play. Elgin Nor-Kheel Resort is an exploration of the grandeur and beauty of nature where tourists can spend some happy moments with their families.

2. Mayfair Spa Resort & Casino

The Mayfair Spa Resort and Casino is one of the best resorts in Sikkim and India, with world-class facilities inside which the casino is prominent. Surrounded by the wonderful nature of nature, this resort is an ideal place for new couples to spend some exciting moments in Sikkim. Under this, you can enjoy the spa. 

Apart from this, the resort has a tourist fitness center, multi-cuisine restaurant, swimming pool, yoga, nature trails, minibars, WiFi, and playroom for the child. The people present at the resort can go to the casino and can eat food and can also do some thrilling activities. Mayfair Spa Resort is the best resort in the Northeast that you must visit.

3. Elgin Mount Pandim

Elgin Mount Pandim, spread over 8 acres amid breathtaking views of the Singalila Mountain Range, is a royal resort where tourists can spend a pleasant time with the family. The resort is surrounded by a lush green environment that offers mesmerizing views to the eyes, apart from it is just a short distance away from the most popular Pemayangtse Monastery in Sikkim. 

Due to this, the atmosphere here is also spiritual with beauty. The resort also hosts flocks of many attractive bird species and offers free Wi-Fi in-room dining, minibars, libraries, business centers, tea lounges, and playrooms for children to play with the tourists. You can enjoy doing amenities and activities.

4. Denzong Regency

Spread over 10 acres at an altitude of 6000 feet above sea level on the Himalayas, Denzong Regency is a 5 star rated resort with modern amenities. This resort offers many fascinating views of the hills of Kanchenjunga and the city of Gangtok. 

Denzong Regency is a luxury resort where the traditional style of Sikkim is seen. This resort features two multi-cuisine restaurants, a spa, casino and makeweight hall, etc. A balcony is also available in every room for tourists from where they can have amazing views.

5. Orange Village Resort

Orange Village Resort is situated amidst nature where tourists can enjoy the sweet sound of birds chirping and the rural experience. Apart from this, there are bizarre views of sunrise and sunset from here. Tourists can also taste local cuisine and beverage at the resort, the resort's rustic terrace and in-house disco make it very popular among tourists, and Manjushree Hall, Sikkim's largest conference, is also present in this resort. Visitors can enjoy facilities such as a hu-cuisine restaurant, a conference hall, free parking space, and free internet at the resort.

6. Summit Norling Resort

The Summit Norling Resort is an ideal destination for tourists looking for a resort in Sikkim on a reasonable budget. Tourists can enjoy recreational activities, luxury and comfortable accommodation on a low budget. This magnificent resort is situated amidst lush green gardens where one feels the melodious sound of a falling waterfall nearby. In this resort in Sikkim, tourists are provided with the facilities of multi-cuisine restaurants, free WIFI, spa, fitness center, parking, garden and grounds for outdoor play, etc.

7. Chumbi Mountain Retreat & Spa

Chumbi Mountain Retreat and Spa are one of the luxury resorts in Sikkim. Traditional palaces and decorations in the resort make the environment cultural here so that tourists can experience the traditional culture of Sikkim. 

Apart from this, there are beautiful views of the Kanchenjunga range and serene surroundings around the resort. In this resort, tourists can enjoy organic tea, fruits, vegetables, and local cuisine. Facilities like in-house restaurants, indoor games, free parking, and a children's playroom with internet are available in the resort for tourists.

8. Cherry Resort

Surrounded by the Kangchenjunga ranges amidst the fragrant tea estates of Namchi, the Cherry Resort creates a unique atmosphere for tourists. The light of the sun coming through the tea gardens to the window of the resort offers a panoramic view of the surroundings. 

This resort is perfect for weddings and other events. Cherry Resort is a magnificent resort in Sikkim that provides tourists with a badminton court, children's play stations, doctors on call, internet services, and pick up & drop facilities, besides tourists can do recreational activities like cycling between tea gardens. is.

9. Yarlum Resort

The Yarlum Resort, equipped with deluxe rooms amidst the Himalayan valleys, is one of the luxurious resorts in Sikkim. The four tourists of this resort can enjoy a tranquil environment amidst nature. It is a popular family resort that is ideal for new couples to honeymoon and stylish rooms surprise visitors. This resort offers tourists facilities like in-room coffee and tea maker, multi-cuisine restaurant, parking space, books and DVD lounge, and spa.

10. Royal Plaza Sarovar Resort

Between the snow-capped mountains and the never-ending paddy fields, the Royal Plaza Sarovar Resort is one of the finest resorts in Sikkim with all modern amenities. Facilities like multi-cuisine restaurants, informal bars, board games, fitness centers, business centers, and free internet are available for tourists. To make your trip to Sikkim exciting, you must visit this resort.


Sikkim is quite popular with its natural and spiritual surroundings but new couples can come here for a honeymoon. To make your trip to Sikkim thrilling and entertaining, you must spend a few moments in the magnificent 10 resorts in Sikkim.


What are the best resorts for couples in Sikkim?

Mayfair Spa Resort & Casino, Orange Village Resort, Cherry Resort, Yarlum Resort, and Summit Norling Resort & Spa are the best resorts for couples in Sikkim.

What are Sikkim luxury resorts?

Chumbi Mountain Retreat and Spa, Welcome Heritage Resort Denong Regency, Elgin Mount Pandim, Elgin Nor-Kheel, and Mayfair Spa Resort and Casino are luxury resorts in Sikkim.

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