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Namchi, the south headquarters of Sikkim, is an attractive tourist destination surrounded by beautiful views of nature at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level. There are many top things for tourists to do in Namchi, amidst the beautiful hills of Kanchenjunga surrounded by culture and magnificent monuments where tourists can visit villages, cities and learn about local culture and civilization. The Buddhist monastery situated amidst lush green forests and ancient architectural buildings is one of the best places to visit. 

things to do in namchi

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Tourists can also do many recreational and adventure activities in Namchi. The largest statue of Buddhist Guru Padmasambhava built on Solofok Chardham and Samdrep hill in Namchi makes it the most important pilgrimage center for Buddhists and followers of Hinduism. Here are the top 5 Things to do in Namchi, by which you can make your journey exciting and entertaining.

Top 5 Best Things Do In Namchi & Make Your Trip Exciting

1. Ride A Cable Car

things to do in namchi

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The cable car ride is one of the best things to do in Namchi to see the spectacular landscape of Namchi. Tourists can visit the Namchi Rock Garden 500 meters ahead of the Samudra hills and see the wide variety of vibrant flowers and plants. Apart from this, nature can spend some relaxing moments in an amazingly beautiful and serene environment. Tourists can take a cable car ride from Rock Garden to Samdrup Hill and enjoy the beautiful views of the nature of the four.

2. Trek Up The Tandong Hill

things to do in namchi

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Tendong Hill is considered very revered by the locals and there is a legend that when there was a flood and there was no way to save the people, then the Tendong hill uprooted the flood and saved the lives of the locals' people and hence worshiped it She goes. Many lamas meditated and spent some time in the beautiful and tranquil environment of Tendong hill. 

Tourists can trek on the Tendong hill of religious importance and the pure air and calm atmosphere can refresh itself. A wide variety of fauna such as Himalayan beers, red pandas, and leopards are found amidst the lush tree plants of the Tendong hill and dense forest surrounded by wood. Trekking up Tendong hill is one of the best things to do in Namchi.

3. Go To Solophok Chardham

things to do in namchi

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Solophok Char Dham is the most prominent pilgrimage site in Sikkim, it is situated on the Solofof hill, 5 km away from Namchi. The idols of Jagannath, Rameshwaram, Dwarka, etc. have also been decorated here. The main attraction of this pilgrimage site is the statue of Lord Shiva with a height of 33 meters, which is very attractive and spectacular in view. For tourists who believe in religion and faith, Solofof Chardham is one of the best things to do in Namchi.

4. Visit Kitam Bird Sanctuary

Kitam Bird Sanctuary, one of the world's bird sanctuaries, is located in Kitam village, 19 km away from Namchi. The Ranjit River passes through this sanctuary, for bird lovers and nature lovers tourists, Kitam Sanctuary can be one of the best things to do in Namchi

There are several species of birds and butterflies inhabiting here, including the major species like Yellow-vented Warbler, Gray-crowned Printed Princess, Rufous-Naked Hornbill, etc. A separate viewpoint has been made in the sanctuary for tourists from where they can do birdwatching well.

5. Take Shopping And Local Food Test

things to do in namchi

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If you go to travel anywhere, then you do not forget to do some shopping and eating there, in the same way, you must do all these procedures in Namchi as well. Tourists can go to the local popular Kanchenjunga Handicrafts Center and Technical Handicrafts Center to buy handicrafts and souvenirs and also buy diaries made of exquisite art paper exported abroad. 

Tourists can go to the eatery after shopping and enjoy hot and delicious authentic local cuisine and then have a sip of tea among the beautiful views around. After shopping and eating delicious dishes, you will include the best things to do in Namchi.


Namchi is surrounded by much spectacular natural scenery and tranquil environment and there are many religious and pilgrimage sites, where the mind gets peace. Apart from this, trekking and cable car riding on Tendong hill is one of the adventurous things to do in Namchi. Here are the top 5 activities to do in Namchi, you can fill the thrill and entertainment in your journey.

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