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Nestled in the foothills of Kanchenjunga in the western part of Sikkim, the palling is accented by lush green forests, flora, and fauna, rich in natural beauty and cultural heritage. Many things to do in Pelling by tourists which will thrill their journey away from boredom. Pelling is a small village but its cultural heritage, historical sites, and natural beauty make it a quaint destination for tourists to visit. 

things to do in pelling
Image Credit: Rangan Datta Wiki for Wikimedia Commons

Apart from this, the Buddhist monasteries, sacred lakes, and temples here also present the spiritual image of Pelling to the visitors. Tourists can also do trekking and other adventurous activities in a peaceful environment in Pelling, here are 9 fascinating things to do in Pelling that you can make the Pelling trip fun.

Top 9 Magnificent Things To Do In Pelling

1. Walk around Darap village

things to do in pelling
Image Credit: Sharada Prasad CS for Wikimedia Commons

Walking around the beautiful Darap village is one of the best things to do in Pelling, just a few miles away from Pelling, the village of Darap is an excellent destination accentuated by natural beauty, local culture, and spiritual experiences here. The tribes of Bhutia, Limbo, and Tamang, etc. reside here To know about its culture, tourists should visit the village of Darap. 

Apart from this, birdwatching, homestay, trekking, village walks, and exploring nature amidst the beauty of the Himalayas, tourists can do things in Pelling and feel the experience of village daily life, customs, and rituals.

2. Pemayangtse Gompa Math

things to do in pelling
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The influence of Buddhism and culture is seen in Pelling, Pemyangtse Monastery is one of the best sites in Sikkim at an altitude of 6840 meters above sea level. The three-storeyed monastery was built in Buddhist architecture in the 17th century. Tourists can learn about the local culture, history, and customs of Sikkim by visiting this monastery. 

Traveling to the monastery and collecting some information by spending some time with the monks is one of the best things to do in pelling. Visitors can see a collection of ancient artifacts, sculptures, and scriptures at the Pemyangtse Monastery, which will give you a lot of knowledge about Buddhist culture.

3. Explore the beauty of the Kanchenjunga Falls

things to do in pelling
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The milky waterfall falling from the hills of Kanchenjunga and the natural environment surrounding it in a calm environment away from the crowded and bustling city is the best place to spend some relaxing time in peace. 

This falling waterfall offers a mesmerizing sight to the eyes, the lush green trees surrounding the waterfall, and the splendid backdrop for rock photography. This waterfall is perennial but during the monsoon, it stays at the peak, and at this time the waterfall falls with a large amount of water and you must go to explore this beauty.

4. Visit Khechopalri Lake

things to do in pelling
Image Credit: Yoghya for Wikimedia Commons

Khechopalri Lake is the holy lake in Pelling, for followers of Hindu and Buddhism, visiting Khechopalari Lake is one of the primary things to do in Pelling. The peaceful atmosphere around the lake and the artistic view of nature fascinate the mind, apart from this you will see that there are many trees near the lake but there is not a single leaf of them in the lake, it is a surprising myth like a leaf. The bird picks it up when it falls. The time during Magh Mahotsav is considered to be the best time to visit the lake.

5. Spend some time at Sewaro rock garden

Sewaro Rock Garden, located on the River Bank, is a great natural place to spend some quiet time at Pelling and have a picnic. The lush green trees, the lush greenery of the mountains, attracts a large number of visitors to the tourists.

A fair is held here every year in the month of Magha and many religious fires are included in this religious festival. Apart from this, there is also a cafeteria near Sevaro Rock Garden where the couple can spend some time.

6. Singshore Bridge Appreciates Viewability

things to do in pelling
Image Credit: Pallab De for Wikimedia Commons

Asia's second and tallest Singhaur bridge in Sikkim is a marvelous and iconic bridge with a length of 240 meters. From here, there are mesmerizing views of the surrounding hills and the Kagara valley, the Singhor bridge is the best place to holiday in Pelling and it is quite a thrill to cross it. 

Singshore Bridge is located just a short distance away from Pelling and a closer view of the bridge looks even more spectacular. Seeing and crossing the Singhaur bridge is one of the amazing things to do in Pelling.

7. Learn history by visiting Rabdentse Ruins

things to do in pelling
Image Credit: Rabdentse Ruins, Pelling for Wikimedia Commons

Witnessing the empire of the second capital of the state of Sikkim till 1814, this palace is today in ruins but it also has historical significance in many ways. The palace turned into ruins after the Nepalese invasion and is now surrounded by thick forests on all four sides. Three stones in the ruins where the kings once sat and delivered justice. From Rabdentse Ruins, tourists can enjoy the natural scenery around.

8. Shop in Pelling

things to do in pelling
Image Credit: Thelmadatter for Wikimedia Commons

To remember any journey, you must buy something from that place as a memento. Shopping in Pelling is one of the best things to do, with tourists visiting here handicrafts and local popular items such as Buddhist flags, colorful woolen scarves, Tibetan jewelry, carpet Tibetan thongs, and handmade paper products. Pelling is situated near the border of Nepal and Tibet, so here you will see the influence of the culture of these countries and only related items will be found in the market. 

Apart from this, many types of spices such as black pepper and cardamom along with cashew nuts, walnuts, and khubani, etc. can also be purchased. Pelling includes Geising Bazaar, Lama Tenzing Wangdak Place, Rinchenpong Bazaar and Bermiok Bazaar for shopping.

9. Enjoy local food

things to do in pelling
Image Credit: Kushal Goyal for Wikimedia Commons

Tourists enjoy local food in Pelling, here many different types of cuisines will enhance your taste. Tourists can enjoy the local cuisine of Tibetan, Nepali, and Sikkim here. The native food is rice and fresh vegetables and non-vegetarian, apart from this, delicious dishes like Thukpa, Thenthuk, Momo, Churpi, Sale, Fagaspa, Roti, Kinma, Gundruk, and Sinki can be enjoyed by tourists in Pelling. For this, they can go to Melting Point Restaurant, Hotel Dubdi, Lotus Bakery, Delight Hotels, and Big Bowl. Enjoying the local food is one of the best things to do in Pelling.


Pelling attracts everyone with its natural beauty and cultural environment, similarly tourists can do many amazing things here. Here are the top 9 Things to do in Pelling, by which you can make your journey exciting and amazing. Visit the great destinations of Pelling, shop at the markets and enjoy the delicious local cuisine and explore it thoroughly.


When does snowfall in Pelling?

Tourists can go to Pelling during winter to enjoy snowfall in Pelling, Pelling experiences a very good snowfall between October to February, however, during summer the snow is removed and all four greenery is covered.

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