Top 2 National Park In Tripura

Tripura, India's third smallest state and surrounded by the borders of Bangladesh on all three sides, has a number of attractive national parks that preserve wildlife, flora, and birds where tourists can see the beautiful natural scenery and fauna of Tripura. Many animals and birds also live in this sanctuary, which is rare and extinct, and they are protected in the sanctuary to prevent any harm to them.

national park in tripura
Image Credit: Miraj Hussain for Wikimedia Commons

The richness of fauna and flora is seen in these sanctuaries of Tripura. Tripura is a forest in more than two-thirds of which there are many types of trees besides mango and bamboo which make the sanctuary quite attractive. Tourists can make their trip exciting and entertaining by visiting the top 2 national parks in Tripura.

Visiting Top 2 National Parks in Tripura & Explore Natural Beauty   

1. Clouded Leopard National Park

national park in tripura
Image Credit: Colours of Tripura for Wikimedia Commons

The Claude Leopard National Park, spread over an area of ​​5 sq km under the Sipahijala Wildlife Sanctuary, is the most spectacular National Park in Tripura. The main attraction of this sanctuary is the primate monkey 4 more species found here and apart from this, many species of birds and wildlife are also found here. 

The Clouded Leopard National Park was established in 2007 where currently more than 150 species of birds are found making it quite attractive for bird lovers. Clouded Leppard National Park is home to Artocarpus bacillosa, Albigia Procera, Bombyx Ciba, Caria Arborea gamelina Arborea, Lagerstroemia sp, Mangifera indica, and much medicinal flora, in addition to spectacle langur, capped langur, pig-tailed macaque, slow loris, newborn, Snakes and flying squirrels are species of animals found in the National Park, which have been preserved here.

2. Rajbari National Park

national park in tripura
Image Credit: Anand2202 for Wikimedia Commons

Spread over an area of ​​31 sq km of Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajbari National Park fascinates everyone with its natural beauty. Due to this the whole country is famous and attracts tourists towards it. 

Its major attraction is the world-famous Indian gaur which is also known as Bison, along with many rare creatures including deer, golden langur, wild boar, pangolin, pheasant are found here. Many medicinal herbs are also found in the most spectacular Rajbari National Park in Tripura. Tourists can take a safari to see an amazing beauty and natural biodiversity here.


Tourists can make their trip spectacular by visiting the top 2 National Parks In Tripura, they can enjoy the fauna, flora, and species of birds here and along with them the beautiful views of nature will also give you a lot of fun, among which some peace You can also spend a comfortable moment.


What is the number of National Parks of Tripura?

There are 2 National Parks in Tripura including Rajbari National Park and Clouded Leopard National Park. 

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