Top 8 Exciting Waterfall In Sikkim For Make Amazing Trip

 Sikkim, a small state located in the foothills of the Himalayas, is a marvelous destination, Sikkim has many splendid waterfalls where tourists can spend some relaxing moments in a peaceful environment amidst nature. There are many pilgrimage sites, Tibetan monasteries, and cultural sites which attract a large number of tourists. Many adventure activities such as trekking, rapping, and climbing to do near the waterfall in Sikkim

waterfall in sikkim
Image Credit: Madhumita Das for Wikimedia Commons

Apart from this, Sikkim also has many rivers, lakes, and spectacular views of Kanchenjunga which attract a large number of tourists. The view of the white water falling like Sikkim milk captivates the mind and provides the ears to the ears, tourists can visit the top waterfalls in Sikkim to enjoy this experience and enjoy a spectacular trip.

Top 8 Exciting Waterfall In Sikkim With Amazing Pictures

1. Kanchenjunga Falls

waterfall in sikkim
Image Credit: Sujay25 for Wikimedia Commons

The Kangchenjunga Falls, situated in the foothills of India's highest small Kanchenjunga, is one of the most attractive waterfalls in Sikkim. This waterfall, which falls from a height of 100 feet above sea level as a result of the melting of the glacier of Kanchenjunga, attracts a large number of tourists. 

The Kanchenjunga Falls makes a great picnic spot for tourists with its scenic view and mesmerizing beauty. It is a perennial waterfall but the best time to see the spectacular view of this waterfall is after the monsoon and at this time tourists can reach the waterfall by taking a 1-hour drive from Pelling.

2. Seven Sisters Waterfall

waterfall in sikkim
Image Credit: Tarunsamanta for Wikimedia Commons

The Seven Seven Sisters Waterfall on the Lachung Highway is a mixture of seven different waterfalls located at different elevations, so tourists can see 4 of the Seven Sisters Waterfalls. The spectacular view of the waterfall falling from the middle of the green hills, mesmerizes everyone, apart from this, nature-loving tourists can take great photographs and have picnics here. 

Apart from this, the government also built a cafeteria near the waterfall to spend some splendid moments for the tourists. During the monsoon, the waterfall also falls due to the high level of water, and the sound produced during this time also provides comfort to the ears. Seven Sisters Waterfall is one of the famous waterfalls in Sikkim.

3. Banjhakri Water Falls

waterfall in sikkim
 Image Credit: Indrajit Das for Wikimedia Commons

The Banjhakri Water Falls, another picturesque waterfall of Sikkim, attracts a large number of tourists. Surrounded by tropical forests on the way to Ranka Monastery, there is also an energy park near the waterfall which makes you quite entertained and delighted, besides you will get immense peace. The infertile water falls from a height of 40 feet above sea level and this view of a falling waterfall is captivating to the mind. The Banjhakri Water Falls is one of the most exciting waterfalls in Sikkim.

4. Bhima Nala Falls

waterfall in sikkim
Image Credit: Joymazumder1986 for Wikimedia Commons

Bhim Nala Falls, situated 82 km away from Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, is the longest waterfall which is covered with snow hills from all sides. This waterfall is also known as Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan, when the waterfall falls, the melodious sound is heard far and wide. Tourists can take tea sips while looking at the beautiful view of the waterfall, for this, you can visit the nearby tea snack shop. Bhima Nala Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in Sikkim.

5. Rimbi Falls

waterfall in sikkim
Image Credit: Shubhamshukla585 for Wikimedia Commons

Surrounded by lush greenery, the Rimbi Falls is a popular tourist destination on the Yukasom route near Darap village in Sikkim, which falls with the same flow throughout the year. The falling foamy water of the spring appears like milk. 

This waterfall goes further into the Rimbi River where tourists can enjoy recreational and exciting activities such as swimming and fishing in the river. Rimbi Falls is one of the best waterfalls in Sikkim to spend some time amidst the beautiful beauty of nature with the family. During the monsoon, the flow of the waterfall is very fast, so this waterfall should not be visited.

6. Kyongnosla Waterfall

Situated amidst the Kyongnosla Alpine Wildlife Sanctuary, the Kyongnosla Waterfall is one of the most ideal waterfalls in Sikkim to spend some time with your family and friends amidst the captivating beauty of nature.

This seasonal waterfall is surrounded by a wide variety of flora and fauna including many rare and extinct species of flora like Silver Fir, Orchid, Primerus, Gentian, Long Juniper, Rhododendron and Wild Strawberry and Musk Fear, Goral, Himalayan Species of birds like Monal Partridge, Laughing Thrush, Satire, Snow Partridges are also found here along with wildlife like Black Bear and Leopard. Tourists can also enjoy the view of rhododendron trees blooming nearby with this beautiful waterfall falling from a height of 10,000 feet during the monsoon.

7. Bakthang Falls

waterfall in sikkim
Image Credit: Nazmul Ahmed for Wikimedia Commons

The Bakthang Falls, the nearest to Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Sikkim which attracts a large number of tourists. The waterfall is completely covered by greenery that looks exactly like a green umbrella, Bakthang Falls is a fun spot where you can do some exciting activities with your friends. Visitors can experience the Adrenaline Rush at the Bakthang Falls and visit the nearby Tashi viewpoint to see the beautiful views of the surroundings.

Kali Khola Waterfall

The spectacular attractive Kali Khola waterfall on the Silk Route is surrounded by greenery from all sides and offers mesmerizing views. Tourists can spend some splendid moments amidst the falling waterfalls in a tranquil environment that gives you a new experience. 

It falls from a height of 100 meters above sea level, which provides a great view for photography. Kali Khola waterfall can be one of the best waterfalls in Sikkim for nature lovers and photography lovers. To spend some time putting feet in clean and cold water containing crush, you must do the Kali Khola waterfall.


Sikkim is surrounded by mountains, valleys, rivers, and waterfalls from all around, which together attract a large number of tourists to Sikkim. By spending some time near the beautiful waterfalls of Sikkim, you will be relieved and get a feel of the wonderful environment of nature, you must visit the waterfalls in Sikkim to spend some exciting moments in Sikkim.

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