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 Agartala, the capital city of Tripura full of natural beauty and rich culture and history adorned with colorful flowers and valleys, is an ideal tourist attraction. There are many attractive places to visit in Agartala where tourists can enjoy many exciting and entertaining things. Agartala was ruled by the Manikya dynasty, after that, it was known as a princely state under British rule. 

places to visit in agartala
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The western border of Agartala is connected with Bangladesh, due to which many things related to Bengali culture can be seen in the culture here. Agartala is the largest city of Tripura, so like other big cities of India, a little bit of modernity is seen here. The fascinating views of Agartala's majestic palaces, museums, and monuments enchant everyone, including Rabindranath Tagore who was astonished to see these scenes. Tourists can visit the top 10 places to visit in Agartala to witness the natural scenery and rich culture and history.

Top 8 Places To Visit In Agartala - Make Your Trip Offbeat

1. Ujjayanta Palace

places to visit in agartala
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The Shahi Ujjayanta Palace is one of the best places to visit in Agartala. Situated in the heart of the city, this grand palace was built in 1901, consisting of the Public Hall, Throne Room, Durbar Hall, Reception Room, and Library Room which is decorated with beautiful floor tiles. And surrounded by beautiful doors. 

This beautiful palace had the status of the Legislative Assembly till 2011 but then it was converted into a museum where tourists can feel the history and culture of the Northeast to a great extent by seeing items related to local art, culture, crafts, and tradition. Spread over 28 hectares, the Ujjayanta Palace is surrounded by the alluring Mughal Gardens, which add to its beauty even more, apart from the temples of Hindu deities like Lakshmi Narayan, Uma-Maheshwari, Kali, and Jagannath. 

The Ujjayanta Palace was purchased by the Tripura government in 1972 from Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya, the king of the royal family of Tripura. Rabindranath Tagore visited this palace many times and was quite mesmerized by its beauty, after which he named this palace Ujjayanta.

2. Heritage park

places to visit in agartala
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Boasting the heritage of Tripura, Heritage Park is one of the most attractive places to visit in Agartala, this park has many objects related to the cultural and ancient heritage of Tripura, which was opened for tourists and the general public in 2012. Under it are palaces and monuments like Neermahal Palace, Unokoti, and Rajbari which attract a large number of tourists. 

Apart from the rich history of Tripura, tourists can also learn a lot about the flora and fauna in the park. Tourists can spend a relaxing time in the serene and beautiful environment of Heritage Park and can see the sculptures made of stone and wood.

3. Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary

places to visit in agartala
Image Credit: Pritamg24 for Wikimedia Commons

Sipahijala Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over an area of ​​18 sq km in the southern part of Agartala where many species of birds, fauna, and primates are found. Apart from an open zoo, many beautiful lakes are also present here which makes Sipahijala Wildlife Sanctuary one of the best places to visit in Agartala

More than 150 native and migratory bird species and Indian tigers and Himalayan bears are found here. Tourists can visit the orchid garden and botanical garden located in this sanctuary, besides boating and elephant rides are also exciting activities to do in Sipahijala Wildlife Sanctuary.

4. Neermahal Palace

places to visit in agartala
Image Credit: Bodhisattwa for Wikimedia Commons

Situated in the middle of the Rudrasagar Lake, the Neermahal Palace is the largest palace in the Indian subcontinent built by Raja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya Bahadur, which is the second water palace in India apart from the Jal Mahal of Udaipur, Rajasthan. The lawns laden with colorful flowers around Neermahal enhance its beauty even more. 

Its attractive view is seen during the Light & Sound after sunset, under this palace a mixture of both Hindu and Islamic styles is seen, which is very interesting to see amidst the blue clear water. Tourists can do water-related activities around Neermahal like the boat race which is organized during Neermahal Jal Mahotsav. Showcasing the amazing beauty of nature, Neermahal is one of the best places to visit in Agartala.

5. Jagannath Temple

The Jagannath Temple, dedicated to Hindu deities like Jagannath, Balabhadra, and Subhadra, was built in the 19th century by a king of the Manikya dynasty of Tripura. Built-in the grounds of Ujjayanta Palace, this temple offers beautiful views of the architectural style built of white marble stones. 

Jagannath Temple is one of the religious and spiritual places to visit in Agartala, where there is daily worship, rituals, and evening aarti, apart from the annual festival celebrated every year during the visit of Lord Jagannath. The Jagannath temple is built in Islamic style with the walls being octagonal and the pillars conical. You must visit Jagannath which depicts the beauty of nature and religious image.

6. Tripura Sundari Temple

places to visit in agartala
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The 500-year-old grand Tripura Sundari Temple is one of the 51 shaktipeeths in India where the toe of Shati fell during the dismemberment of Shati's body by Lord Vishnu. There is now a grand temple in the shape of a tortoise in which the idol of Goddess Kali is seated. 

Animals are sacrificed here by the local people, due to which a large part of the temple is seen soaked in blood. The Tripura Sundari Temple is one of the most famous spiritual places to visit in Agartala with a large number of devotees visiting Goddess Kali during Navratri.

7. Gandachera Wildlife Sanctuary

Gandachera Wildlife Sanctuary is surrounded by lakes on all four sides where many rare species of birds and fauna are found which include wild horses, bison, and tigers. Apart from this, many migratory birds come to reside in this spotless sanctuary during winters and attract tourists. You must visit Gandachera Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the most attractive places to visit in Agartala to learn about wildlife and spot Indian bison.

8. Buddhist temple

There is a lot of influence of Buddhist culture in Tripura and one form of the same is the Buddhist temple which maintains the existence of Buddhism in Tripura. The Buddhist temple was built in 1946 but then when the Buddhist rule ended, Buddhism also completely disappeared from Tripura. 

After this Tripura came to a variety of Buddhist ethnic groups such as Chakma, Uchai, Barua and Mog and again promoted Buddhism in the state. The Buddhist temple is visited by Buddhist tourists from all over the world who make this temple one of the best places to visit in Agartala.

9. Jampui Hill

Places To Visit In Agartala
Image Credit: Barunghosh for Wikimedia Commons

Jampui Hill, famous for its quality flavorful oranges, is one of the most popular places to visit in Agartala situated at an altitude of 3000 feet above sea level. There are also many wonderful and picturesque views of the hills of Mizoram from Jampui Hill. People of the tribal communities reside here and the government has made good arrangements for the stay of tourists. 

Tourists can witness the beautiful views of nature during sunrise and sunset which will mesmerize them a lot. Jampui hill is famous for its oranges and they run their employment by cultivating all the nearby oranges, so together they organize Orange Festival every year in which tourists also participate in large quantities. Apart from this, there are many tea gardens and orchid farms in Jampui Hill which you must visit.

10. Chaturdasha Temple

Places To Visit In Agartala
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The Chaturdasha Temple, built in the honor of 14 deities in 1761, is known for its amazing architecture. This temple is built near the river, whose dome looks like a hut, due to which this temple appears different from other temples and attracts tourists to its side. Chaturdasha Temple is one of the religious places to visit in Agartala.

11. Kunjaban Palace

Places To Visit In Agartala
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There is no dearth of attractive palaces and monuments in Tripura and among them another beautiful Kunjaban Palace which was constructed in 1917 by Raja Birendra Kishore Manikya. The present palace is the official residence of the Governor of Tripura. 

Kunjaban Palace is built in a carved structure which is surrounded by beautiful gardens on all sides which enhance its beauty even more. Kunjaban Palace is one of the historical places to visit in Agartala that you must explore.


Agartala, the capital of Tripura, is quite popular for its natural beauty and rich cultural history. Tourists from all over the world come here to visit the palaces, monuments, and museums. A large number of followers of Hinduism come to visit the temple of Tripura. Apart from this the sanctuaries and lakes that enthrall the tourists, are the top 10 must-visit places to visit in Agartala to experience all these things.


What is the best time to visit Agartala?

Agartala is a great place to visit throughout the year but tourists visit at different times in winter and summer, similarly the time from October to March is considered to be very good to visit Agartala. During this time, tourists can see the local festivals and natural beauty.

How to reach Agartala?

Bus, rail, and plane are all three modes available to reach Agartala.

By Road:- Agartala is easily connected by road to all the major cities of India, tourists can easily reach Agartala from their city by Volvo or private bus.

Rail Route: - Tourists can catch a train from any major city of India to Agartala Railway Station and travel.

 By Air: Airplanes to Agartala are available from big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Jaipur, so that tourists can reach Agartala by air.

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