Privacy Policy

Hello friends, I welcome you   today I am going to inform you about the privacy of the policy of this website.

If you use this website you will have to follow the privacy policy laid down by us, otherwise you will be blocked from this website.

Please read the privacy policy of

Google Adsense

If ads are published on our website through Google Adsense, then if you deliberately click on them in any way, then you will be blocked from this a website with immediate effect, any user can click on the advertisement of Google Adsense published on the website. Will not do and if found doing it again and again, it will be blocked from our website for life.

Children's policy

We do not provide any wrong information on this website, if you are 13 years or older, then you can read the information given by this website, and if you are not 13 years old then it is not appropriate for you to read the information. Is, on this website you get information about travel places which are not of use to children, information can be taken by their parents.

Terms and Conditions

  • You are requested not to use the website link in any wrong place.
  •  Do not comment unnecessarily on any post on the website
  •  Follow the website policy rules
  •  All rights reserved

I hope you will abide by our policy and use the website properly, and we will not be responsible if you suffer any loss due to misuse of it.

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